Welcome to Jerk in Progress, a daily micro-podcast about sobriety, motivation, accountability and one idiot’s slow stumbling steps towards being… well, better.

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A brick wall that will be broken by my podcast: Hapeville, GA. Photo: Matt Shepherd
Feel like you’ve hit a wall sometimes? Me too. This podcast is how I’m trying to break through it.

This is a big test for me – initially just an idea to keep myself accountable by keeping a short daily audio log. Then, being a giant nerd, it occurred to me that I could make this into a podcast pretty easily. If I can get people to take this journey with me, the accountability and motivation to keep going with this can only grow.

Podcast updating live (or close to it) 365 days a year

This site (and podcast) is my daily check-in. It updates before 7 a.m. ET (if you’re subscribing on your podcast provider of choice). I check in when I record, and you check in when you listen. It’s an opportunity to generate a little break in your day, listen to me trying to stay on track and on target, and hopefully pick things up that apply to you, too.

Generally, I record and post at some point between exercise and breakfast; I’m working on the trifecta of sobriety, better diet and exercise. This gives me a chance to nail down the exercise part, do my meal planning for the day, and set the simple daily goal of not drinking for another 24 hours. Once the exercise is down and my food for the day is mapped out, I’m in good shape to commit to being boozeless.  Making it time to check in via the podcast. This isn’t a record-in-advance, schedule-weeks-ahead endeavour… it’s as close to live as it can possibly be.

Thanks for listening, rating, reviewing and especially recommending this to other people who might benefit from a daily kick in the ass to ensure everything stays on track. It means a lot to me. And hopefully, even just a little, to you.


Day 1000: The End (for now)

Wow! This is it. I’m unfortunately closing on a down note — felt sick yesterday, and a massive sinus/migraine headache took me out in the mid afternoon. I’ve slept for a chunk and am feeling a bit better, but am still pretty rocky. I guess that’s kind of appropriate, because this really has been a …

Day 999: Off track! Ha!

Let’s put a pin in this thing ironically! I think I’m coming down with something — my wife’s been unwell for the last couple of days too — so today was “get up, feel lousy, feed the cats, back to bed.” Kinda doin’ the old snuffle-and-sneeze at my computer right now. So we’re definitely not …

Day 998: Maybe… this is holding me BACK?

Insomnia’s goofy! So one of the can’t sleep thoughts last night… maybe, after the self-affirmation and rocking through the first sobriety hump, the “foreverness” of this project was actually helping me put off improvements. Maybe that’s a weird crazy insomnia-driven cop-out. But rounding out the 1000 days, with sobriety in the “success” column and “great …

About this sobriety podcast

My name is Matt. Jerk in Progress is about me trying to stay accountable to myself in terms of sobriety, diet and exercise. If you join me along the way, then I’m accountable to you, too. Photos on the site are all mine; many are taken at CFRC 101.9 FM in Kingston, Ontario, where I host a weekly radio show with my amazing wife.

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Email me at matt@jerkpod.com. That’s about it, really.