Day 990: 10 days to go!

I’m not reaching any fitness goals here, folks. And that’s fine.

I’m sober! That’s plenty. I think Dry and Mighty will be a good chance to keep on top of fitness as part of sober lifestyle, and my wife is committed to good health too, so.

I wish I had some sort of master thesis summing this all up, but I’ve done plenty of those; I’m going to round out the last 10 days with a focus on general health and staying on top of schoolwork (which is getting heavy now!) and just kinda keep on keepin’ on.

Day 988: Houseguests, Reading

Gotta knock this out quietly — houseguests in the next room — and then get some reading done before class, either at home or heading in early to do it before class starts. Staying on top of this is entirely possible, but yeah — it’s going to take continuous focus. Marathon, not a sprint.

Things are good in a “not much to report” way — lots going on at work, as always, but we’re building more capacity and have more support falling into place, which is great, food and exercise are solid, etc.

Day 987: Carnival Cure, D&D Methodology

The fair cured me of my floomp! Specifically the Zipper, which is a ride that I never want to get on but always have a blast once I’m on it. Onion rings, a lame horror ride, and seeing serious shade being thrown in the form of passive-aggressive cookie judging all made my day way better.

That is a sick 4H burn. Eating no cookie at all delivers a better experience than this cookie. Wow.

Anyway, I felt a lot better, and I ate terrible onion rings, and we bought a wooden jack-o-lantern that Marisa really liked, and then I had a nap. Later, D&D.

I think the D&D formula is now nailed down: late nap, Dungeons & Dragons, sleep for four hours, feed the cats, sleep for three hours. Boom.

I feel pretty good.

Some reading to do for school, but I also feel on top of that. I’m not necessarily grasping the finer nuances of doctrinal versus non-doctrinal legal research, but that’s what the class is for, right? Learning.

Day 986: Inexplicable Floomp

I woke up this morning feeling kinda low, and I’m not sure why. Things are going pretty well, all things considered; I’m happy with the job, fitness, etc; studies are going all right, I’m excited about the Next Thing with Marisa, relationship’s good.

Things are, in short, firing on all cyclinders.

So why the floomp? It’s a mystery. It’s been a slow morning in terms of exercise (Saturday), and it’s natural to just be crabby sometimes, so maybe the blog/podcat and general getting-things-going of this action will de-floomp me. Or getting the WAFFLES!cast done. Or going out this afternoon to the carnival, if we wind up going…


Day 985: Listening To Workout Music While Not Working Out

Short, intense row this morning — good stuff!

KEY UPDATE: enervate actually kind of means exhausted, which is dumb because it is clearly a combination of energized and aggravated. Words are goofy!

And then I just kind of kept playing the playlist when I was done. Now I’m enervated — not energized, exactly, just kind of feeling like I’m doing everything a little faster than I need to, and feeling a little more agitated than I should.

Stop! Nice jazz. There.

It’s pretty amazing how music affects my mood. I’m not sure if it’s universal or individual; probably somewhere in the middle, and everyone is affected somewhat and some people are affected more.

Off to study/work — keeping up, feeling good.

Day 984: Insomnia!


So yes; sleep did not go well last night, and we’re back to sleeping late, up late, scrambling to get out the door and (the twist!) to class. The insomnia issue isn’t really that serious; I think sometimes my brain just looks for something to seize on and jumps on that train to see where it will take me.

I’m all good! And not worried about anything, really. Just an insomnia dealio. Off to do all the things!

Day 983: School Good, Brain Bad

“Brain fine” is more accurate, but drama.

Everything’s cool. That’s the headline. I am, however, anxious (because anxiety is my jam) that I won’t be able to keep up. I’m fortunate to be working/studying with some brilliant people, and while I’d love to think I’m a pretty groovy chill Zen guy when it comes to this stuff, there’s a desire to at least be middle of the pack in these things.

Keeping up should be fine. I’m watching less junk, and reading more scholarship type things and that’s good. My main concerns are more around synthesis and absorption than the straight act of doing the readings.

Day 982: Sludgy Run, Brain Workin’

Not a stellar run this morning; one of the ones where it feels like my blood has been replaced with some sort of viscous fluid. Mod Podge, maybe. Just staggering around town feeling like there’s Mod Podge flowing through my veins.

Actually got up this morning and picked up my iPad and read legal document stuff while feeding the cats, instead of firing up Riverdale on Netflix, which made me feel like a responsible and large-brained lad. But it’s necessary! I’m trying to sneak a bit ahead on readings, because that’s probably the best way for me to give myself some cushion if I get work-busy or home-busy.

Day 981: Reading on the Spin Bike

It’s probably not great from either an educational or exercise standpoint, but I’ve just been reading some textbooks while on the spin bike (obviously not doing the up/down back/forth intense spinning thing, just treating it like an exercise bike).

It’s pretty great! 30 minutes at a moderate pace is a fine way to get some exercise in the morning, I’m a bit sweaty without being drenched (this is how I know I’m not really exercising), and I’ve absorbed a bit more of THE LAW.

I need to come up with my own learning strategies, though; I’ve got a few good ideas (mostly around rewriting / creating cheat sheets, etc.) that I can act on, but that’ll take a bit of evening focus.