Day 980: Brain Concerns

Oh, man! What if my brain is not big enough?

I’m… not like super worried, but still mildly worried, about the ol’ grey matter and my ability, in my mid-40s, to absorb new information quickly and en masse. Certainly remote from anything resembling freaking out — I did take a number of classes online over the past few years, and did really well — but there’s some pride and some passion involved here, especially since I’m moving into the realm of academia.

Keeping up with the reading isn’t a problem, but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t mildly concerned about absorption. I’ve read a ton over the past few days, but I think making time to review and especially discuss — I’m a talky learner — is going to be equally important.

Not using any of this as an excuse for bad food or bad exercise behaviour is obviously also on tap.

Day 979: Man, I Love Sleep

Seriously! I really, really, enjoy sleep. Not, like, in a depressed way, just in a “genuine enthusiasm” kind of way. Sleep’s great!

I’m writing this because, no surprise, I just woke up — Saturdays are wonderful, but I have to say I’m looking forward to the radio show ending and being able to sleep in a bit more.

Studying this weekend! I’ve got a lot on the go, educationally — taking one course, auditing another, and law courses are very read-ish. I’ve got about 40 pages of contracts, and dozens of my advanced research course.

Which is fine/good! It’s what I signed on for. I’m excited about it. It’s just what it is right now, and for the next year or so: lots and lots of reading!

And, hopefully, naps.

Day 978: Up late, good row

Running a bit late today; some insomnia, but roused myself to feed the cats, back to bed, and up again for a solid row (music really helps! I don’t care if it’s a crutch!) and knocking this out before dashing to work. No time for bonus Dry and Mighty work today other than cursory looking at the alerts.

Still pretty jazzed up about it, and the LLM, and other things — work’s in a good groove right now, and I’m feeling like balance is attainable if I’m sensible about spending goodly free time keeping on top of studies and making some time for games, etc., but with intention instead of as a distraction.

Day 977: Leaning into Dry and Mighty

I’m legitimately enjoying the upcoming Dry and Mighty, and am settling into a bit of a schedule for it — I was ambitiously thinking a short article a day fueled by an inbox of Google Alerts, but that’s nuts. One every three days seems reasonable: sketch/draft on day one, finish and edit day two, post and promote day three.

This will also help fuel the weekly podcast; Marisa and I can talk about anything for a real long time, but this’ll help shape the conversation and give us kicking-off points.

The LLM is going well in early days as well; it’s going to be busy, but exciting. Off to my first Contracts class (auditing) this morning, and lots (and lots and lots) of reading to do…

Day 976: Ramping up to a strong finish

With less than 25 days to go on this, I feel like I’m on track (again). This does nothing to address the underlying issue that I’ve discovered, and failed to resolve, for 1000 days (almost).


I know that’s not a word.

As much as I’ve tried to resist the idea of the yo-yo, I’m, like, the platonic ideal of the yo-yo person. I am at the bad end of the yo swing right now, and fighting to get back!

So yeah. That’s the eternal challenge. I can get on track. But I can’t stay on track. It’s like the old joke: I know I can quit smoking, I do it twice a week.

Admittedly, I did go through a cataclysmic period in June. It’s still a bit haunting! I know that sounds melodramatic, but it’s true — that was a whole I did not like that and I do not want it to happen again, which applies to both the kidney stones and the bout with horrific depression.

Strangely, there’s a lot of overlapping Venn diagram between kidney stone advice and depression advice.


Drink a lot of water.

Eat smart.

I’ve been doing well about those, more or less, but I still feel like it’s been a slow climb back from June, and now that I’m back on the positive swing, stopping the yo is the challenge I’m going to be carrying out of this. I’ve got tactics! I’ve got methods! I’ve got a full toolbox of things I need to succeed, but it’s keeping that toolbox in use that’s the challenge.

This is where my head’s at for the last 20-odd days: I have a method, and if I follow it, I do extraordinarily well, and feel great. So why do I stop? Why do I let it fall off?

Can I crack the puzzle in 20 days?

Probably not, but I should try.

Day 975: Yes, On Track

Yesterday and today seem to have me back on track; I’m just back from a 7k run, tracking food, did the checklist yesterday, the whole nine yards. It feels good! I need to get my school schedule dropped into my work schedule, let the team know about my adjusted hours, and basically get work geared back in after a long weekend.

So yeah! Downstairs now for a bit of pre-work work on Dry and Mighty, and then on to business. Logging food and all that good stuff. Hooray!

Day 974: Okay, September!

Like yesterday but this time I’m serious.

I mean… that’s it, really, I’m up on time, about to get some decent exercise, and enjoy a day off (with about an hour of work-work in the morning).

Time to get serious! School, exercise, the whole nine yards. It’s been a good relaxing end of summer, but back to business, old and new.

Day 973: September!

Oh, snap! I have Tiniest Gallery to do today…

It’s September! School starts this week, and a good time for general rebooting of the good habits I’ve piloted over the last almost-1000 days. So back on food tracking, after a late night (D&D) and considerable grogginess.

Now drinking some coffee and had some breakfast, but it’s time to get cooking! Metaphorically.

Day 972: Radio Friends

Quick Jerkpod today, then off to do radio with a guest from out of town. Doing the show with friends is always fun and something I’ll miss about it.

Doing things with friends is fun, actually, and something my wife and I both admit we’re not the best at: we’re friendly people, and have friends, but aren’t naturally social — we tend to get into and stick to our own grooves, and while we periodically get cases of the we-shoulds, don’t always actually act on them.

And I don’t think that’s going to change! It’s okay to acknowledge a not-great tendency and not feel like you have to dedicate shattering amounts of energy to change it. It’s just a not-great thing. Nobody’s getting hurt (except us, a bit) by it, though.

Hermits 4eva! Or until we decide it’s something worth making meaningful changes about.

Day 971: Things are good!

A few nights of solid sleep; whatever was instigating nightmares seems to have passed. Looking forward to school next week, and I’ve settled into an understanding of how Dry and Mighty is going to work, which is a good balance of modestly ambitious and flexible enough to not be a burden if schoolwork gets heavy.

I stepped away from writing for a minute to take a look at my “proper” course in the online course management system — and yes! There will be a lot of reading to do. I feel up for it, obviously, but I think it’s going to become a huge focus.

Broadly speaking, kind of keeping on and counting down the days til classes begin right now. Any anxiety is sliding into excitement at this point. I’m looking forward to this.