Day 601: Slow Internet

I’m not, like, a SUPER FUTURIST or anything, but I like technology. I like what it does; I like where it can take us.

That being said, I’m also super  dependent on it. Moreso than I realized.

This has been the week of Slow Internet, and it has been agonizing. You don’t realize what you’ve got ’til it’s gone, and our cut-rate reseller service has tanked this week. It’s been seven days at more or less dial-up speeds, and an agonizing experience.

The general misery of insomnia has been a distraction, of course. And it’s probably been good for me to be a little less Internet-reliant than usual. But man, it’s been a bad week for getting stuff done online…


Day 341: Minor Annoyances

A little late again today, this time in part because I just invested 10 minutes of time figuring out how to disable &^%$ autoplay videos in my browser.

Fun fact sidebar: nobody likes video. Nobody wants content in a video. Videos exist only because it’s an ad delivery mechanism that’s almost impossible to circumvent. People visit sites to get information, and 99% of the time it can be read in 10 seconds, not packed into a seven-minute video.


There’s a larger point here, which is sometimes it’s worth the time to make an incremental improvement that will pay off for weeks or months. Like this morning. Hopefully it will work, and I’ll never have to have some dumb video start blasting out of my speakers for no reason at all.

It’s kind of an extension of the “do easy” idea from way back when. Instead of spending time perfecting a repeated action, though, it’s spending time eliminating unneeded actions.

Ironically, taking these actions has been something I’ve been doing in between paragraphs, and now Chrome needs to relaunch. So I’m’a wrap this up.


Day 151: Food Reboot

Kind of a backwards day today. I went back to bed after waking up with the cat this morning. My wife’s alarm didn’t go off. And we were pretty tired after a big day yesterday. We’re building a Swedish-style daybed from plain lumber, which is exhilarating but turns out to be pretty exhausting to. Anyway: today, Day 151, is the food reboot. As discussed yesterday.

It’s time to stop dicking around with food. Food is now Job One. Well, sobriety is now Job One. Food is Co-Job-One. Food, and sobriety, share Job One status. I love them both equally.

Daily Weight is a thing. Every day now. I’ve slacked off on it for Reasons, but it really has to be a daily thing. So that’s back.

Food planning is also now A Thing. Again, to be done in the morning and stuck to in the day.

A goal is now A Thing. 175 lbs. by 2018. That’s 25 pounds and well within a healthy weight for me. December 31 is 213 days away.  That’s 0.12 pounds a day. That does not seem that bad.

So I’m going to work from daily weight and an established goal line set at .012 pounds a day rather than the weekly tabulation. Because maybe I do need to freak out a little. For now.

Food reboot is essential, and it’s entirely doable.

Here’s the thing, and I’ve said this before: I am a smart guy. I understand how this stuff works. I’m not sure why I keep letting it get out from under me. But I now have The Science behind me: sobriety doesn’t lead to weight loss if food isn’t under control. Exercise doesn’t lead to weight loss if food is under control.

I’ve got to get food under control! Food reboot is the thing I must do.

So like I said, it’s Backwards Day today; I’m recording the podcast before exercise and coffee. I know I’ve sworn to stay off electronics before exercise. But today I’m all jazzed up and kind of angry at my weight so I think I’ll persevere.


Day 140: Yardwork

When I wrap this up, I’m going to go do the thing I like the least. Yardwork. I am NOT a fan. It’s a kind of a thing; I’ve never really liked it. It’s a very keeping-up-with-the-Jones kind of fakery.

Mainly because it’s pretty pointless. Vegetable gardening has a purpose, but our yard is too shady and arborists are expensive. So I’m — I hate the word ‘life hack,’ but the most… efficient way of dealing with gardening is where I’m working right now.

Dig it all up. Mulch the crap out of the beds. Pull up any green thing that pokes through. Repeat.

So that’s what I’m heading out to do — pull things up, put mulch down. We bought our house two years ago from a family that I think got really into gardening, then got busy and got really out of gardening. So the whole “nuke it and start anew” is appealing on that level, too.

Yardwork is a metaphor for a lot of  things…

Yardwork is like the taxes of living in a neighbourhood. You don’t wanna do it, it’s a pain in the ass to do it, but you gotta do it. And you also know that some people are really into it, which is kind of infuriating.

it must be done. Blah. Into the fray.