Day 187: Weight and Heat

Having started this in the winter, I’m running into some new things that never occurred to me. One thing is that weight and heat are related, apparently. My weight has been fluctuating like crazy for the last few days, and I couldn’t figure out why.

Apparently, water retention can change with heat and humidity.

So that’s a relief, kind of.

Still running; the stressful news the other day was the I’ve been having recurring and acute pain in my right knee. The doctor kind of blithely said “it’s early arthritis” and sent me for an x-ray to confirm.

Which is depressing. I don’t want arthritis! I also don’t like pain.

So this is both sad, but also ups the ante for weight loss and diet. Obviously, shedding pounds is the best way to avoid making things worse. So on the bright (kind of) side: another motivator.

Weight and heat and motivation

It’s good that I exercise at 5:15 a.m., because I’d be a basket case if I was trying to do anything after work. I hate being hot, but I also hate that freon taste of air conditioning. Running outside would be a sweaty nightmare. Working out indoors would be an air conditioned nightmare. So morning exercise is really working out well for me.

It’s a crappy time to get remotivated to lose weight, because the heat and humidity are playing havoc with the scales. But the good news is that if I can get a good baseline now, I’ll be rocking it when the weather improves.

So I think I’m going to reset the 10-day challenge¬†again, this time with arthritis in mind. After 36 hours of absorbing the information, it’s time to own it.

Also, in the spirit of really challenging myself, I’m going to try to bolt on good, regular water consumption. I have a water jug at work, and refill fountains that fill to 1.5 litres automatically. I think I can do the quasi-recommended 3 litres a day (based on some super shaky Internet science). So I’m’a try it.