Day 553: Shout Out to Auphonic

Another pre-record while I’m out of wifi range and hopefully on or close to the water.

For the last month or so I’ve been giving Auphonic a try for this podcast, and I’m pretty happy with it — I started trying it for a work podcast, and it works even better there with two-header interview formats, but I’m finding it is doing a good job at levelling out stuff here as well.

I’m still hoping to really reinvent this project in 2018. Small incremental improvements like Auphonic are helping. But I need to buckle down and actually get the big work done at some point; hopefully something the full focus planner can help with.

Auphonic’s been nice, though. It’s good to be making small improvements to this while waiting for… I don’t know, time? Permission? Energy? to take larger steps here.