Day 237: All Out of Blood

I gave blood yesterday! First time ever. Full disclosure: I was super nervous.

I’ve had blood drawn for a variety of reasons in my life, and my “staying conscious” rate is, like, 10-20%. So I’m already pretty pleased with myself that I didn’t just straight up pass out. There was a lot of staring at the ceiling and “think of rainbows” stuff going on, though.

What I did not expect was to be super tired afterwards! I’ve heard “woozy,” but I didn’t really reckon on exhausted. Which makes sense. They’ve pulled two cups of blood out of me. That’s a lot of blood! Like, ten percent of my blood!

So a light run with my wife this morning instead of the usual 5-6k, and I’ll probably be taking a nap later… grab something iron-rich for lunch as well.

Yeah! Kinda wiped out. On the whole, though, the experience was fine… friendly people, happy to see you, etc. Going at the very very end of the day was a bit odd, as they were starting to pack up the drive as I was giving blood. It’s vaguely unsettling to see them putting everything away and dismantling the chairs, etc. all around you. You know you’re not going to be abandoned, but there’s a fleeting fantasy of lying in a dark empty building with a tube sucking blood out of your arm because they’ve just decided to call it a day and come back for you tomorrow.

It’s also the end of a long work day for them. So the thrill and novelty and self-righteousness in me doesn’t map onto the fact that it’s the end of a workday for the people there. I’m all jazzed. They just want to get home and stop looking at blood all day.

Will I give blood again? Sure! Will I time it differently? Yes!