Day 836: Fun – The Book

A while back, I bought the “hack your life” Humble Book Bundle with my wife, and I’m just starting to crack into it.

On a side note, these books really do convey the value of Blinkist, which is an app that basically condenses non-fiction books, with a significant lean toward introspective (I wrote “self-help” here, but I think that’s kind of perjorative) and management books, into 15-minute audio files.

At first I was “how dare you, the art of writing, blah blah blah,” but let’s be real: these books are about 5% actual content, 95% filler. So Blinkist — when it has a free book of the day I’m interested in — is actually pretty great.


I powered through “The Power of Having Fun,” which fits the pattern of about 5% actual material and 95% stuff , and… it was… helpful? I guess? The essential takeaway is “structure your job to give yourself breaks and make sure the breaks are real breaks,” at it has a number of workbooks and tips around scheduling. Lots and lots of objection handlers for the typical “but I’m too busy to take a break!” kinds of reactions.

It’s easy to poo-pooh these things as obvious, but I’m actually glad I read it, and I think there’s more I’m taking away from it than I’m giving myself (or the book) credit for. My reflexive cynicism is actively trying to ruin the experience of this book for me, which is kind of an interesting thing to observe as it happens — there’s legitimately some interesting ideas in there, and I think it side-steps me as the right audience by about 50%, but somebody who needs this book would probably get a ton of use out of it.