Day 668: Hallowe’en!

Halllowe’eeeeen! Bop bop. Here’s the thing: Hallowe’en candy has been on sale for a while so my wife and I got our shameful candy ya-yas out like a week ago, and I think we’ll be in a strong position to resist now. No kids, so there are no inbound candy vectors, and a healthy number of trick-or-treaters, so we’ll be candy free by night’s end.

Hallowe’en also means it’s the last day of October! So it’s a good day for a fresh start with Perfect Me tomorrow, which means I guess this visualization experiment is OVER, and it’s time to put it into action. We got exercise, we got food, we got sleep, we got sobriety, we got work, we got hobbies. We got it all, baby!

Here’s the sheet, for the curious: Perfect Me List

Perfect Me List




Day 445: Cyclicality

Failed on not snacking yesterday. But the checklist yesterday night reminded me that I failed, and that stings. So that might help me today.

My anniversary yesterday, and my wife, who is the most wonderful person in the world, bought me a kilogram of jelly beans. I love jelly beans. They’re my favourite candy.

They have to go.

I can’t resist the power of jelly beans. I ate jelly beans last night; I ate too many jelly beans last night. Jelly beans, and caramel peanuts, are the two Achilles heels for me. Here are things I have tried:

  • Keep them on a very high shelf where I will need a stepladder and therefore intention and thought
  • Pre-portion them into small snack sized containers
  • Ask my wife to hide them
  • Get angry with myself
  • Try to forget
  • Try to ignore

Sometimes these things will work for a matter of hours. Sometimes days, even. But they inevitably fail; I’ll have a bad day and a failure of will and find myself snarfing toffee peanuts and/or jelly beans and weeping on the inside.

So I love my wife, and I love my jelly beans, but they will end up in the staff kitchen today in a bowl with a spoon for serving.

I know I shouldn’t drink; I need to recognize that there need to just be some no-go foods for me as well.


Day 303: Halloween!

Ghosts! Goblins! Sheet ghosts! The Great Pumpkin, and this timeless bit of comedy:

And an incidental shout out to the Vince Guaraldi Sextet, who introduced generations of children to some great jazz via the Charlie Brown specials. Light jazz is kind of a cuss word in music these days, but it was good jazz! And light! Love some Vince Guaraldi.

So today’s about not succumbing to the candy demon. And avoiding post-Halloween candy sales for the next few days. I’ve never really been a Halloween party person — actually, I’m not convinced those happen outside of movies — so sobriety isn’t a big challenge there.

But tonight’s about giving away, and not absorbing, candy.

The Poster still seems to be working its magic on me:

Succeed Poster (trimmed)

…it’s been what, a week?… and I’m still sticking to it every day. Not doing great on calories. But hopefully if I log faithfully my good sense will take over at some point and I’ll start eating less, because at least I can see the impact of what I’m eating.

And it’s been a bad few days for food — which I can now see — and the effect is quite apparent. I also haven’t been feeling quite myself, which is a vicious cycle, because when I don’t feel good mentally, food’s my recourse.

So trucking on with faithful logging, daily weighing, and exercise. It’s the only sane thing to do.

Also two days out from starting the 5/2 thing with my wife, this time, which will make a huge difference in adherence. I don’t think we’re doing that long-term, but we’ll be giving it a whirl for November, at least.