Day 964: Another paddle; tracking troubles

Great paddle this morning! Uploading a video to YouTube, my second attempt at shooting the paddle, which is much better this second go-round but also involves having the camera in a bracket off the side of the canoe, so the next step is to jerry-rig some sort of cable to make sure it can’t fall into the water.

I feel like I’m firing on all cylinders except tracking and checklists; work is going well, I’m exercising daily, I don’t feel like food is going poorly. I’m just not tracking, which I know is not good, I just haven’t gotten back into it. I need to get my box back up! Or some sort of other big visual cue in the evening.

Canoeing is great but it’s a full two-hour rigamarole in the morning if I’m out on the water for more than an hour, so gotta roll…

Day 961: Off for a paddle! A video paddle!

Up early for cat reasons, but getting ready for a paddle, with the added twist that I picked up a cheap iPhone mount at Canadian Tire and have screwed it to a piece of wood, to clamp to a thwart and hopefully shoot the paddle from the bow of the boat this morning. We’ll see how it goes.

I… er, forgot to get back on logging/checklist yesterday. Out of sight, out of mind. Despite the masses of “habit” research out there, it’s easy for me to forget even routine things — it was noon on Sunday before I remembered to do Jerkpod this week — and I think I’m pretty average when it comes to remembering, forgetting, routines, etc.

Is habit science garbage? Probably not. But oversimplified and not entirely accurate by the time it reaches the public? Probably.

All that to say — habits! How do they work?

Day 957: Paddle Morning

Great to get out on the water in the morning, with herons and hawks and a swimming muskrat, as well as a tumult of geese, ducks, seagulls and the usual:

It’s a self-care thing and exercise — paddling was restorative when I was down in the dumps, so making time to do it when I’m feeling good only makes sense. And it is good exercise, especially when you get out past the baylet and into some wind.

A great way to get a workout in and also balance the brain and the heart — nothing seems that serious when I’m out on the water, especially when a hawk catches a crossbreeze and just hovers above the boat for 5-6 seconds before moving on.

Day 185: 10-Day Challenge Part 5 – We’re Going To Need A Bigger Challenge

All right, so I’m halfway into my “get back on track” 10-day challenge, and it’s not all THAT challenging. I’m starting to feel a bit distracted. I think “doing what I should be doing in the first place” isn’t good enough. I need a bigger challenge.

My wife suggests 10 days without any sugar, which seems like a good haul. Maybe that’ll be the next re-up of 10 days.

It’s not that I’m not proud of getting back on track. I am. My weight has taken a weird sharp turn up in the last couple days — I suspect because I’m drinking more water — and I’m not feeling, well, like I’m accomplishing much with this challenge.

This is the eternal problem that I wrestle with: try hard, and get overwhelmed and burn out. Try too little, and feel like I’m not trying hard enough. Maybe that’s the thing. Maybe you never get it right. Maybe life is a constant flux between “working too hard” and “working too easy.” Is the bigger challenge just finding a level of work to settle at?

A bigger challenge: finding a personal productivity system

I made a couple of lame swings at process planning last night — mainly refreshing my memory of Gantt charts. But the projects I’m working on are solo, so there’s not much point to it. It’s a system to track dependencies. When I’m the sole dependency, it’s not very useful.

So I might look at other project systems today, but now I’m wondering if my to-do list future is more of a calendar problem than a list/chart problem. Maybe I just need to lock key dates into a calendar, set deadlines for myself, and crunch that way.

I’ve got a kayak lesson tonight, which I’m excited about. I’ve always been a canoeist. But again, this feels like — too many hobbies? Hm.

Day 147: Nerd Commitments

It’s a beautiful day outside. And I feel like I’m stuck in the L’il Rascals trope of being in the classroom. Because I have nerd commitments. My new show is underway, I have a great interview to edit, but it needs editing. Which means I need to edit it. Here. At the computer. Indoors.

It’s going to take a couple hours, and when I’m done, I’ll have a tight 22-25 minutes of interview. Share that with the subject, get tracks, drop the tracks in, and Bob’s your uncle. It’s a good system.

But I want to be outsiiiiiiiiiiiide. Nerd commitments. I also need to work on the songs I promised people back in March.

The songs aren’t on a deadline, but the show certainly is. So I gotta do it. And I enjoy doing it.

But I don’t wanna.

I want to be outside gardening (which I normally don’t like), or at least puttering — not inside computer-stuffing. But nerd commitments have been made and have to be honoured.

Nerd commitments first, canoeing later.

I promised myself (and my wife) to get out on the water this afternoon, so I need to get this done. Make breakfast, buckle down, and nerd until noon. Then lunch, and then an afternoon of canoeing (and also, y’know, outdoor work and stuff. Tonight: Logan!

There’s lots to look forward to, I just need to knuckle into getting my chores out of the way, so to speak. And I enjoy working on the show! I just need to work on the show so I can get a clear conscience to get out on the water.

So: record this, make breakfast, and then hit the editing hard for a couple hours. Then an afternoon of fun.

I’m in my forties, and still having a “dessert first” problem with time scheduling. Shouldn’t I be an adult by now? Good lord.


Day 103: Get Out on the Water

I feel great! Get out on the water, people. It’s worth it.

I guess there’s a broader thing at work here: it’s a holiday today, and so I skipped regular exercise to head down to the boathouse. I store my canoe with the Cataraqui Canoe Club in Kingston, which is for my money absolutely the best entertainment dollar in town. The first paddle of the season, on a morning so insanely misty my visibility was about 15 feet. Plus the rowing club was out, so the peaceful bliss of the morning was slightly marred by the fear that a bunch of teenagers would scream out of the fog at any moment and T-bone me.

But they didn’t! It was a gorgeous morning. I literally feel better than I have in weeks.

Cataraqui River Paddle April 14 2017

Get out on the water
Morning paddle — solo outing and the first of the season. What’s your “get out on the water” activity?

Get out on the water if you can. If not, find your water.

Now, not everyone has ready access to watercraft. And not everyone likes canoeing, kayaking, and so on. But what’s your deal? Where do you go to completely switch off and do something different?

It’s easy for me to forget — somehow — how much I enjoy canoeing. I think it’s because I’m a convenience junkie. I’d rather do what’s right in front of me than divert into a new path for something I’d rather do.

From time to time, I really need to shake myself out of habit and re-evaluate what I’m doing. Re-focus on what I really like instead of what I’m currently doing.

Now, this was a holiday, which makes it easy to find the time to get out on the water. But it only took me 20 minutes pillar to post from leaving the house to being on the water.  I know what my “get out on the water is,” and maybe you have something like that too that we can all make a little more time for.