Day 679: Free Software; Fundraising

Give $30 to Audacity yesterday — there’s been a major and very useful update, which lets me create macros; it’s going to be a little easier to produce this podcast, and a lot easier to work on audio projects in general.

I donated to the project. This isn’t something I do often, as we’re not super wealthy (we’re fine! Just not rich), and, well, they don’t ask. But for some non-specific reason, yesterday I noticed the “donate” button on the website and thought “yes, I’d pay for this”. So I gave. It’s a big collective open source effort, and to be honest I’m not entirely sure where the money¬†goes, but I’m happy to support it.

Paradoxically, we just came off a super disappointing funding drive for the radio station I volunteer at. Money was raised, but the lowest level in 13 years of having a funding drive. Part of this is organizational; there’s a bit of a “true believer” fallacy at the station where there’s an attitude of ‘we love this place so everyone else must too,’ and a weakened volunteer culture that is a very slow boat to turn around.

It’s got me thinking about how and where people give, though. This isn’t disconnected from my Facebook musings this week. Patreon has eaten the lunch of a lot of conventional “small non-profit” organizations. I can give to support the podcasts I listen to and the books I read, etc., from the comfort of home. Why go to extra effort? Kickstarter, GoFundMe, etc. all also scratch that donate itch with an extra bonus of convenience and social media cred.

It is not easy or getting easier for fundraisers at a community level, which is a bit worrisome.

Hey, we’re getting pretty far afield from this whole self-improvement thing, huh? Back to it: the point at the jump was that I’m grateful to Audacity, and trying to be more mindful of supporting things that support me, even if they don’t ask for it. This is something I’m hoping to do locally as well as online.