Day 371: End of the first Very Scheduled Week

On the whole, I have to say “Schedule Everything” is working out pretty well. Yesterday afternoon was the first time things went right off the rails, and that’s because our carshare car was dead — it was about -26C yesterday — and we had to walk across town to get another one, which pushed us back about an hour. A lot got done, and most of what didn’t was either optional or leisure, so it was basically okay.

And then we napped. Which wasn’t accounted for.

On the whole, though, everything’s going well: things are getting done, I have time for leisure (scheduled leisure), and broadly speaking I think this is a good system. Some catch-up today on things I failed to do yesterday, thanks to not doing my nightly checklist. But again, on the whole, doin’ good.

The idea is, we do a weekly scheduling session at “Church” on Sundays, and that sets up the rest of the week. Adjustments are done on the daily.

Heading down to finish making breakfast (and more coffee); here’s to the scheduled life!

Day 336: I Feel Gross

Ate too much at a birthday party last night, which kept me up all night with acid reflux and an unhappy stomach. My body is rebelling against me! And/or trying to enforce good behaviour kind of emphatically.

So today’s definitely going to be a big reset day, following the last week of not quite getting back on top of things after our long weekend out of town. Last week was a disaster. All you gotta do is get up and get going again, though. So time to do that.

Getting a bit better at bouncing back, so it’s time to bounce back! Short entry today so I can hit the ground running and get a bunch of crap done before I start to feel, well, floompy. Laundry folding, machine assembly, Church, and more! Get on it before my brain turns in on itself.

Day 315: Church Update, Format Thoughts

A quick check-in from the “Church” idea from a few weeks ago: we’re still doing it. Not as consistently as we possibly could — last week was a bit of a miss — but still doing it.

It’s a good idea! It anchors the week, gets us out of the house on a Sunday morning, and keeps us from lollygagging the morning away while still being a bit of a treat.

We’re off to that in a while, but for right now, I’m mulling over the format of this podcast. I don’t have any specific ideas to improve it, but I’m not sure if I need to take another run at it for Year Two. Got about six weeks to think on it.

Should I work on getting it down to two minutes even every day? Is the ten seconds of silence a good idea or kind of goofy? Should I be more outward focused and bring in inspiring ideas and stories instead of just talking about me all the time?

Possibly yes to all of these things! I have to keep to the idea of this being small and manageable, though. Again, six weeks to think. I don’t want to turn this into YAGO (remember that? Day nine?). But I don’t know if this is enthusing me the way it was originally. I need to keep it fresh, but I need to keep it manageable.


Day 287: Church

I’m an atheist. Not one of the asshole kinds; I’m fine with religion. Some people believe there’s a central organizing intelligence behind the universe. Some people don’t. Either one’s fine as long as you’re not being a jerk about it.

But I was raised religious, and in the context of this project, I’m seeing a lot of value in church. Church as setting aside a dedicated amount of time every week to focus on both yourself, and on community.

So my wife and I are going to start trying “church” on Sundays. This will be our dedicated time to plan our week. Food, primarily. But also to look at our social calendar and see what we can do to connect with our community.

There’s some obvious advantages over traditional church. No travel. No offering plate. No awkward conversations with people you don’t like but are forced into contact with.

But these are kind of features as well as bugs with church. Travel gets you time to get your head in it. Being somewhere else that’s not home means no distractions. Giving money regularly requires financial self-management. And I think that maybe we should spend more time face to face with people we don’t like. The Internet has really eroded social behaviour by making it easy to retreat into echo chambers.

So I’m going to do this, and then pitch that maybe we leave the house and go for coffee or something to do this thing every week. Treat it a little more like church and a little less like another thing we do around the house.

Anyway, I’m excited to try it. I’m messing around with OneNote as an organizer, which seems like it’ll lend itself well to this process. I’m interested to see where it goes.