Day 748: Staying on the Path

A good, solid resistance day yesterday — no snacking, sticking to the food plan, the whole nine yards. Gearing up for a frigid weekend with proper Canadian cold in the air, which honestly I kind of like.

My morning has been very… stuffy. It’s hard to describe, not like “have a cold” stuffy, but a kind of settled-in muzziness that’s difficult to articulate. I haven’t had a cold yet this entire season, that I recall, but it’s a possibility. Still, drinking a ton of water and eating right/exercising is definitely the best hope I have of fending something off.

Exercise wasn’t really want I wanted it to be this morning, but there’s nothing to say I can’t incorporate some pull-ups or something into my day.

And tonight: friends for dinner, and then much much later a late-night online D&D game with friends internationally. Looking forward to both.

Day 263: Mixing it up

Ran steps this morning for the first time in a year or so. More or less a spontaneous decision. My lungs are still at about 75%, so I didn’t want a long run. There’s a small track with concrete grandstands close to here.

Nothing crazy: 24 steps per flight, 10 flights. Circle the track, do a round of steps, circle the track. Three circuits. KILLED ME by the end of it. But worth it! It’s nice to mix things up, and with these grim lungs, good to get a beast of a workout done in about 30 minutes.

I’m never sure when to go to the doctor; this is day 14 of my cold, and it seems to be getting better, but I’m still not well. So at what point do I make an appointment? It’ll take several days to get in, and at that point I might be better. Or worse. There’s a social consciousness part to this: I know the system is at capacity, so I don’t want to waste time or resources. So rather than not go to the doctor because I don’t have money, I don’t go to the doctor because I’m… I don’t know. Overcautious. Something.

I think there’s a point to be made that in some places, the only people who go to the doctor whenever they feel like it are super rich, and in other places, the only people who go to the doctor whenever they feel like are morally bankrupt. So being super rich is functionally equivalent to being morally bankrupt when you compare… I’m not sure if this is going anywhere useful.

Anyway. Still sick, trying to find ways to compensate on exercise.



Day 261: Run Anyway

Ugh. Terrible run this morning — according to Strava, my first in two weeks, which tells you about when I got sick. And it was a gross run. Slow, sluggish, fat, hard run. Just 6k, but I felt every metre.

But: no cutting short, no turning around. I slogged through it. Not being able to, well, use my lungs was definitely an issue. And not having run in a couple of weeks didn’t lead to a surcharge of energy. The opposite. I felt, well, gross. As stated.

The only way out, though, is through. So I’d rather power through a crap run this morning than have an even steeper hill to climb by taking more time off.

And by the New Routine, tomorrow is a rowing day, so I’ll be back for a longer run, hopefully more recovered, on Thursday.

Nothing pulled from strength training yesterday, which is also a win. I’m easing into that very gently.

But yeah. Gross run. Just not great. It’s amazing how much I feel I’ve lost in the month since the half-marathon; I literally can barely imagine what that would be like from where I’m at now. It really reinforces how much keeping up with things is.

Slacking on water-drinking lately, which I’m sure doesn’t help. So I need to get much better about that.


Day 260: Neti Pots and Push-Ups

Kind of a housecleaning day… still not over that cold, which means fasting is still suspended. I know my philosophy is now more gung-ho in terms of recovery, but I think that kind of body stress can’t be helpful. Maybe October as the new trial month for this?

So yesterday I tried a neti pot for the first time. It was… interesting. Not as horrifying a sensation as I thought it would be. I now realize I have no idea how sinuses work. And it actually seemed to help, at least for a few hours, so I’m’a keep that going.

Today was also Day One of the new exercise regimen, which now builds some strength training into the rowing days. Strength re-training, really, as I realize that I have really let things go. I used to be able to knock out 20 pushups without really thinking about it. Those days are over, for sure… but I’m kind of excited to think about getting that back.

So I’m off for food logging, neti potting, and getting some volunteer stuff in order. Tally ho…

Day 255: On The Mend

As suspected, a day of distracting myself with work and other obligations got me about 75% of the way better. The frustrating thing is not having a control group to test myself against. Would I have gotten just as better if I’d stayed home another day? Who knows?

But after a few days of not exercising, I’m champing at the bit to get back on that, for sure. I feel bloaty and aimless. The anchoring of a morning workout is becoming pretty important to me, it turns out.

This is an opportunity to revisit the exercise routine, at least. For quite a while, it was running geared toward a half-marathon program. Neglecting strength training entirely. Now, I think I should re-evaluate the strength training component and rebalance everything a bit.

I’m just going to order a g_d pull-up bar and get back on Gorilla, I think — and shake up the routine.

Make the illness work for you, right?


Day 254: Still Sick, Dammit

Okay, after four days of this stupid cold, I’m swinging back to the “power through” end of the spectrum. Clearly “total shutdown to work on it” doesn’t accelerate the process. So at least I’ve learned something.

What have I learned? I’m not sure.

I mean, if I could set myself up with alternate dimensions, I guess I’d be able to run this with control groups. But as it stands all I have is past experience with these kinds of colds to go from. And that arc is usually 1-2 days of feeling lousy, followed by 3-5 days with a cough and feeling semi-lousy.

Which is where I’m at now. But that’s with “total rest” as opposed to trying to operate.

So I don’t think total rest is really making things much better. In fact, I think the distraction of work might actually be more beneficial than lying around feeling sick.

Now… who can be sure? If I’d gone to work yesterday, maybe I’d be dead. Maybe this was the worst cold ever and I gave myself a chance by not succumbing to it entirely.

But I doubt it. It felt like an average bad cold.

So I think my lesson might be to just power through and get punchy on NyQuil at work; operate at half-capacity and see how that does me. Hopefully this will be the Big Cold of fall/winter 2017-18 and I won’t have to find out.

But — mental note — next time, just power through and see how that does me.


Day 253: Project Cold Continues

Okay, I haven’t gotten rid of my cold yet. But in a radical departure from my norm, I’m actually taking a sick day.

I don’t take sick days. Hardly ever. I don’t like ’em. I find I feel better when I have stuff to do, and being sick at home just makes me feel worse.

But I’m trying to really get over a cold fast here. So focusing on getting better, rather than getting through, is my key.

Hence: sick day. I have emailed a buttload of people. I’ve moved and cleared meetings. I’m setting everything up to spend a day with NyQuil and clean sheets.

If this doesn’t work, I’m gonna be a bit pissed. To be honest. Because if I don’t get better by focusing on getting better, then I’ve just wasted a bunch of time focusing on getting better.

Maybe I’m putting too much pressure on myself to get better now. But I don’t care. I’ve spent a full day on this, and two with today. I want to get &^%$ better. Otherwise I’m’a just revert to the “power through” strategy for future illness.


Day 252: A Cold as a Project

Colds used to be sober times for me. I know there are “whiskey and lemon” remedies out there, but a bad cold was a no-drinks zone. Sobriety has been good to me lately, without even much of a “nag” going on, but it’s still nice to be in a zone where it’s not even a remote consideration.

So “getting over a cold” as a project instead of a hindrance is interesting. I’m actively leaning into this. I don’t know quite exactly what this means except that I’m making it a top of mind factor rather than a “I’m struggling through a cold” scenario.

So I’m kind of resting aggressively and drinking water with intent today, in an assay to accelerate recovery. I’m especially susceptible to bronchitis, so dedicating a day to avoiding weeks of bad coughs is a worthwhile investment.

Water: check. NyQuil: check. Plenty of sleep: you got it. I’m geared up for a full-on War On Virus, and I intend to flush that thing out of my system with rest and hydration.

Again, I’m normally a “power through” person. This is uncharted territory for me. I’m going to see what I can do if I completely attack a cold instead of ignoring it.

Game on, virus! Let’s see what you got.

Day 251: Getting Over a Cold

The cough started yesterday, and the heavy chest yesterday evening. I’m definitely coming down with something.

So no run today, or probably tomorrow: I’m in the midst of the most intense time of my work-year, and I need to get better faster rather than try to power through anything. Today’s a big day, alas, but tomorrow can be Full Recovery if I choose.

Lots of water. I have the radio show this morning, and a command performance this morning and this evening for work stuff. The middle of the day can be chugging water and resting. Oh, and pills: I’m not going to be “brave” about taking some cold meds this time around, either.

In short: I gotta do what I gotta do today, but I’m going to dedicate the rest of my time to Cold Recovery. Drinking water, resting, and… well, that’s it, really. It’s not rocket science. I’m not curing colds, I just have to get over one.

I usually treat them as hassles or distractions. This might be the first time I really lean into “let’s get better” as an active agenda.

It’s gonna work! I feel good about this. I can kill a cold. I just need to bear down on it now, in an early stage, and make sure it’s stone dead by sundown on Sunday.