Day 891: Overnight Wibbly

That was a weird, rough night — felt wibbly before I went to bed, woke up in the middle of the night feeling off; eventually went back to bed, slept a bit later, but have still managed to crank out some exercise and am almost back on track.

I feel… better? I think? It’s hard to tell if this was a passing thing; if a passing thing, I kind of suspect maybe dehydration as a culprit. I ran 10k yesterday and got into that thing at work where I felt dehydrated and thirsty but kept “just one more thing before I get up and go get water”-ing until the day was over and I went home.

So let’s chalk it up to mild dehydration making me feel weird, and make Big Water a goal for today.

Despite a slightly shaky Sunday things are still going well; the Magic Bag is working, One Day At A Time is helping me battle snack cravings, and hopefully all of this in aggregate over a long period of time will help me rewrite the “bored, stressed, anxious = eat” part of my brain through repeated resistance of that instinct.

I know I’ve said this a few times but I’ve been reading diet-resistance articles recently, all very well founded (here’s one), and again: I’m not hungry. I’m eating an appropriate amount. I’m just trying to retrain my snackin’ brain from treating food like a pastime instead of a source of nourishment.