Day 992: Fewer allergies, phoning it in

Feeling better, suddenly — maybe this was a bit of an autumn cold that coincided with allergies around me? Maybe my allergies are weird? Who knows.

But taking a day of exercise definitely reinforced that I’ve been kind of phoning it in with exercise for a little while, and not doing my food tracking either. This was expressly not supposed to happen when I started school… my monastic student life was supposed to have exercise and good eatin’ on the menu, dammit.

I think Dry and Mighty might actually be a better enforcement mechanism than this, actually. Something to discuss with my wife — a weekly responsibility thing where we check in on this stuff.

Day 977: Leaning into Dry and Mighty

I’m legitimately enjoying the upcoming Dry and Mighty, and am settling into a bit of a schedule for it — I was ambitiously thinking a short article a day fueled by an inbox of Google Alerts, but that’s nuts. One every three days seems reasonable: sketch/draft on day one, finish and edit day two, post and promote day three.

This will also help fuel the weekly podcast; Marisa and I can talk about anything for a real long time, but this’ll help shape the conversation and give us kicking-off points.

The LLM is going well in early days as well; it’s going to be busy, but exciting. Off to my first Contracts class (auditing) this morning, and lots (and lots and lots) of reading to do…

Day 966: I Need To Relax About The New Thing

Had a good and long talk with my wife yesterday about Dry and Mighty, with the clear feedback that I need to… walk back on my expectations of this being a major endeavour, and just kind of chill out about all of it a bit more.

I have a tendency to do things to the hilt, and kind of burn out on them, which has always been my way. Slow, steady maintenance of a regular project over the span of forever has never been my jam (in fact, this and writing a webcomic called Man-Man might be the only long-term hobby commitments of my life, really. Oh, and being the webmaster for the Canoe Club. And doing WAFFLES! every week for four and a half– maybe I’m being too hard on myself).

All that to say, the analogy I came up with to ask about her expectations was “are we building a cottage, or is this a walk in the woods?” Both are good things! But a walk in the woods requires little preparation and you don’t really care about any lasting effects. We aren’t inviting people over to our walk in the woods.

It’s looking like the new podcast is going to be more a walk in the woods than a Big Deal, which is wise, given I’m also going back to school in the fall.

Oddly enough, I have to wrap this up so I can go have a literal walk in the woods.

Day 962: Running is hard you guys

7k this morning and I can’t stop sweating, which happens sometimes. It’s humid out, but not TOO hot, so I gots the run in without feeling terrible while I was en route, but it was a rough finish. And, like I said, I’m feeling drenched right now.

I’ve been working hard on not getting down on myself about weight loss pace and trusting that health and diet will resolve itself without me beating myself about the head on scale stuff, but I have to admit the recurring theme while running lately has been “this would be easier if I was lighter”. Which is technically true.

Going to wrap this up and go down to get ready for work and also do a bit of Dry & Mighty writing — trying to get in that habit as well, of doing at least one small thing a day there.

Day 956: Run Morning

Good run this morning. And a good day yesterday! Dry and Mighty is starting to take shape; website is under construction, some social media placeholders are set up, and a few good conversations about content, audience, etc.

After a few days off work, am I ready to retire? It sure feels like it — the days are full, and I totally get how people get busier post-retirement. We spent most of the morning cleaning the fridge! It went well! The fridge looks great! But that was, like, the morning. I’m starting to get a better sense of how people fill retirement time, and why my parents’ house always looks so great.

Two weeks till I start my academic career again, and… quick math… 44 days until Dry and Mighty begins. I’m trying to hit one post / piece of writing for the latter every day, which is doable (I do this daily, after all!). Both at the same time? Scary, but (probably) manageable. The key there is not to get too ambitious before it starts, or disappointed if it doesn’t meet up with my completely self-imposed and unnecessary expectations.

Day 955: Canoe Morning

I managed to talk my wife into a morning paddle this morning, which has both been exercise and a great way to start the day — she loved it too, once we got on the water. Yesterday was a bit of a staycation bust; too much sun, headache, and an afternoon mainly lying around feeling poorly.

Today, though, I feel good. It’s going to be a day of cracking away at Dry & Mighty — registering a domain, setting up a website, all that good stuff. I’m looking forward to it!

Day 949: I should start getting serious about the next things

I woke up this morning thinking “oh snap, its all happening soon!” — starting the LLM, the new Dry & Mighty project with my wife, a whole bunch o’ stuff. It’s time to start getting busy with these things!

I’m concurrently anticipating and dreading the academic part of the LLM. I’m going to be taking one class and auditing another, so that’s six hours of just lesson time every week; assignments and homework as well. Sooooo, that’s going to be a thing, and it starts in about three weeks, so it’s time to start wrapping my head around it.

All else is going well! But it’s time to get my regular life on lock before I get into the whole deal. It doesn’t have to be a huge amount of work, but I should chip away every day at this stuff.

Day 929: Oh yeah, meditation

Be right back, folks!


It’s just a minute, but I’m trying to do it every morning. And I almost forgot after just one day! What a goof.

Prepping for the radio show tomorrow, and I think it’s sell-by date has definitely come and gone for me; it’s fun, sure, but it’s become more of a chore than a joy at this point, and I’m looking forward to the break. Maybe not leaving radio for good, and doing more pick-up, fill-in kinda stuff, but the weekly rigamarole of doing music research and planning is YAGO at this point, which is something I’m striving to avoid.

I feel like I’m at a point right now where I’m thinking about the next thing a lot but not doing much about the next thing, which I need to shake out of. There’s a lot there to explore and unpack with my wife, and I need to start building habits now that will let me sustain it while still working on a Master’s, which is also going to be pretty all-consuming. So I’m’a try to chip away at it a little each morning concurrent with this, so that the transition is pretty seamless when it comes.

Day 927: Feeling oddly positive

I feel like the last month has been a cycle of me reporting “I feel better!” and then discovering I don’t feel that much better, then feeling a bit better than that and reporting “I feel better!”, then discovering… repeat forever.

But today, I feel pretty good. Got up early (wife early shift), but had a cup of coffee, talked myself out of laziness into a good 5k on the rower, have grabbed a shower and am feeling all right. Going to head into work early to sift through 72 hours of emails, which would have me feeling gutted two weeks ago but now I kinda look forward to.

It’s nice to feel okay; I think my wife’s been a rock, which has helped a lot, and I’ve been productive in my time off (yesterday wound up being a mass of yard maintenance and garage cleanout, which I didn’t enjoy at the time but felt great when I stopped).

I’m excited but a bit nervous about the next thing; I think it could be great, and I’m looking forward to working on it with my wife.

Day 917: Sunday, Breakfast & Chores

This is a Big Cleaning Weekend, so we’re going for a planning breakfast to talk about the New Thing, then cleaning the upstairs of the house. We did the first floor yesterday. Three straight hours of tidying, scrubbing and mopping. Looks great! Today, the second floor.

I’m looking at this as a grounding experience to bring me back from the kidney-stone-instigated depressive episode I had about a month ago; with slightly over 80 days left to this before we move on to Dry and Mighty, I’d like to get a firm reset under my belt and finish this project strong.