Day 374: Get back on the checklist!

All right, I really like No Man’s Sky. But I need to actually, you know, back off it for a while. I’ve shortchanged my scheduled stuff for two nights to squeeze in a little more NMS. I’ve also been slack on the ol’ evening checklist.

So a minor course correction today, just pulling everything back onto track while it’s still more or less on track.

I ran into an interesting Reddit group a while back — 90 Days Goal. It’s a group-motivation thing that works in 90-day blocks, divided into “sprints” and “breaks”. I’m too far into January to get on board this time, but I like the idea… I like the “sprint” idea, and pushing the “scheduling and diet” thing for the rest of the month as a sprint makes sense to me.

So back on track today: check the schedule, stick to the schedule. Main issue there is I generally am wiped after work, so I’m tired in the evening and frankly don’t feel like More Stuff.

That’s the issue I really need to look at, I guess — reinvigorating for an evening of “work” after a day of work.