Day 568: Sluuuuugish

A great weekend! Fun, friends, lots of relaxo time. But a lot of salt. I don’t know how that happened, or when I became The Guy Who Can Sense Salt Levels In His Diet, but I woke up this morning bloated and terrible.

To my credit, I did get up and hit the exercise straight away, but then went on a staggering horrible run that left me feeling like I was sweating ooze and sorrow.

I bought a pitcher yesterday, and will have greater ease of measuring my water consumption at home — it’s got measurement lines on the sides! — which will hopefully keep the dehydration/salt monster from striking again.

Discussing our mutual feelings of blargh this morning, my wife wants to try Whole30 in August… tricky for vegan/vegetarians, but apparently not impossible. In the spirit of science and trying things, it’s worth a shot… but also worth remembering that it will not be The Thing. The Thing is not coming. It’s going to be an experiment with items that possibly carry over into daily life,  but I need to stop expecting stuff like that to be The Thing.