Day 761: Day Off

Well, I almost made it through January. Some family things going on that took a lot of time and emotional energy, so food logging and the checklist did not go. Very late night, very late morning, and I literally have time to do this and run out the door.

Tomorrow is another day! But yesterday/today are going to be a bit of a wash. Back on the checklist tonight, the whole enchilada tomorrow.

Day 296: Failure Analysis

Well, I’ve had a great 24 hours with the not-new rules. Got up this morning, read my “SUCCESS!” poster, and proceeded to do all the things. So far, so good!

But I know I’ve been here before. And I’ve fallen off before. So I think I might take a few minutes this morning to look at the Daily Weight tallies and see if I can see a pattern in terms of starting and stopping weighing myself. It will be a general indicator of overall adherence, because weighing and food logging are usually the first things to go.

So maybe there are trends? Maybe not. Maybe I’ll peek right now…

…wow, I was SOLID from March through April. Nine straight weeks. Then off for 10 days in May, on for a week, off for a week, first week of June, on and off in July, and pretty solid in August. Rock solid for the last three weeks of September.

Notes from that:

  • I make progress when I track. For sure. Its totally visible.
  • I haven’t been as bad as I thought, over time. I would have guessed I spent 50% of my time with weighing, when it’s more like 75%. I’m better than I thought! I should be easier on myself.
  • There’s no real easy pattern like “three weeks on and then I fall off”. I clearly did best in the first two months of weighing. I tend to stop on weekends, if there’s a trend to be seen easily.

I’m… not disappointed, but I was hoping for something more easily observed. Like “watch out after the first three weeks!” kind of thing. But it seems like I’ve had a few start-of-month renewals, and some pretty good long runs. Saturdays and Sundays are the days to watch for sure!

So no immediate lessons, but it’s good to see that I’ve been better than I thought about it. Back on that horse, this time with daily affirmations…