Day 927: Feeling oddly positive

I feel like the last month has been a cycle of me reporting “I feel better!” and then discovering I don’t feel that much better, then feeling a bit better than that and reporting “I feel better!”, then discovering… repeat forever.

But today, I feel pretty good. Got up early (wife early shift), but had a cup of coffee, talked myself out of laziness into a good 5k on the rower, have grabbed a shower and am feeling all right. Going to head into work early to sift through 72 hours of emails, which would have me feeling gutted two weeks ago but now I kinda look forward to.

It’s nice to feel okay; I think my wife’s been a rock, which has helped a lot, and I’ve been productive in my time off (yesterday wound up being a mass of yard maintenance and garage cleanout, which I didn’t enjoy at the time but felt great when I stopped).

I’m excited but a bit nervous about the next thing; I think it could be great, and I’m looking forward to working on it with my wife.

Day 925: 75 days remaining!

Final 75, and I’m actually kind of stoked to finish this thing on a high note. Staycation today and tomorrow, which is a state in which I am either grouchy about doing house stuff during my time off, or guilty over goofing off when I should be doing house stuff. Staycations are brutal with my brain.

My wife’s off too, though, so hopefully this is the time when we make big strides on Dry and Mighty and start setting ourselves up for success on that front.

Day 919: Goodbye, Car

We’ve had a friend’s car for two months while she’s been out of the country, and while it hasn’t been life-altering, it has been kind of nice. We didn’t do a lot of Major Car Things we kind of wanted to — life planning problems as much as anything — but we did enjoy the easy access to remote groceries, etc.

The good news is that we’re not looking at major lifestyle adjustments… we had the car, but we didn’t really get used to the car. Losing it will feel about the same as having it. We’ve still got the carshare service, and renting for weekends is cheaper than one might think.

Tomorrow is 920! Time to kick into gear for the last 80 days of this.