Day 315: Church Update, Format Thoughts

A quick check-in from the “Church” idea from a few weeks ago: we’re still doing it. Not as consistently as we possibly could — last week was a bit of a miss — but still doing it.

It’s a good idea! It anchors the week, gets us out of the house on a Sunday morning, and keeps us from lollygagging the morning away while still being a bit of a treat.

We’re off to that in a while, but for right now, I’m mulling over the format of this podcast. I don’t have any specific ideas to¬†improve¬†it, but I’m not sure if I need to take another run at it for Year Two. Got about six weeks to think on it.

Should I work on getting it down to two minutes even every day? Is the ten seconds of silence a good idea or kind of goofy? Should I be more outward focused and bring in inspiring ideas and stories instead of just talking about me all the time?

Possibly yes to all of these things! I have to keep to the idea of this being small and manageable, though. Again, six weeks to think. I don’t want to turn this into YAGO (remember that? Day nine?). But I don’t know if this is enthusing me the way it was originally. I need to keep it fresh, but I need to keep it manageable.