Day 485: Game-Free Half-May

Snap decision: I talked about no video games before, and I think this is the month. I’ve been playing a lot of Banished recently — which is awesome — but I don’t lose anything by not playing it. And I’ve recently picked up some awesome books from libraries… The Earlie King and the Kid in Yellow is a brilliant post-Apocalyptic Irish yarn, Extremely Loud is a weird library find, about using sound as a weapon, and I’ve got a ton of bédé that I haven’t touched since Quebec.

Plus the foster needs time, and just hangin’ and readin’ is a good way to spend time socializing him.

So: back on food planning and exercise today, for the First of May, and snap decision: no games til May 15! I’m’a read my face off.


Day 378: Getting Things Done

Well, I have been enjoying the heck out of No Man’s Sky, and letting that enjoyment drive the bus for a while. I think it’s good for me. I’m flying a spaceship! In space! And, er, mining a lot. There’s a lot of standing around mining minerals, and inventory management is a big part of the game. So kind of like life.

But it’s time to take a big step back and re-establish that while the scheduling works, I kinda have to eat the frog in the evenings and start making hard progress with some side things now.

The side hustle’s been sidelined pretty much since the start of the year, and I’ve been making kind of deliberately slow progress on some volunteer stuff (partly waiting to see how other folks will step up).

So Church today will be scheduling the week, as per the new normal, but I’ll be trying a bit harder to adhere to the schedule, with less forgiveness for hard days at work or general floompiness. Still with a mind toward not burning the candle too hard at both ends, but aiming for small, realistic targets to keep things moving.

In a relevant way, “small realistic targets” is also much of the satisfaction behind gaming! So there’s that.

Still plenty of time to be Space Guy, too, of course. It just needs to be dessert rather than dinner.


Day 372: Showering

I managed to go the whole weekend without showering, which is gross. One day is fine. Two days? I actually kind of woke myself up a couple of times in the night thinking I smell bad. So I’m never going to do that again.

The main lesson there is I need to schedule out my video game time. I had a full open afternoon/evening last night, because my wife was out at trivia. Which turned into a marathon video game sesh. And that’s okay! I love No Man’s Sky, I’m having a blast playing it. I work a full-time job. I have lots of productive hobbies. The side hustle is edging along. I’m allowed to kick back and have fun with a video game.

But the fact that I got so pulled in that I, well forgot to shower, which I’d intended to do in the afternoon… not so great. And I didn’t even really “forget to shower,” I just kind of kept doing the “…and I’ll do it just as soon as I…” thing.

Gamification of tasks is a fascinating concept to me. Slightly challenging tasks leading to modestly arbitrary awards.

At any rate, I’m going to wrap this and check my day scheduling. Which will likely include a bit of forward-looking in the week to see what that’s looking like. I don’t think super-gaming is going to be a problem, as I’ve only got small chunks of game time allocated. But lessons learned: block game time, and shower at least once on weekends. Ew.