Day 852: Blasted in the Face with Happy

Some friends gave m a happy lamp — a full-spectrum blah blah blah — last week — and unlike those little units I’ve seen and had before this thing is HUGE. Like an 18″ wide bulb, the whole unit is probably 20″ across. It’s physically a bit painful to look right at it, like you’re looking at the sun or AT THE FACE OF GOD or something.

So even though spring is here, we’re in the deep doldrums of rainy spring — it’s been sunny a total of once, when I’ve walked to or from work, in the past week. And I am cranking this bad boy up when I come in to do this every morning, for 10-15 minutes of joy light blasted directly into my face.

Is it helping? Maybe? I know I’m cyclical, so it’s hard to tell what’s happy lamp, what’s CBT, and what’s just naturally me looping back up after a down phase.

Day 360: Happy Lamp Update

HAMP! That’s what I’m calling Happy Lamp. Because.

Happy Lamp’s been going… pretty good. As stated, correlation is not causation, and use of Happy Lamp has also coincided with the holidays, taking a break, doing some fun stuff, etc.

But I definitely feel a bit better since Happy Lamp. Maybe there’s something to be said for superlamps and SAD.

It’s been a short while a day; 30 minutes or less. No more evening stuff since I had sleep problems and was told that was a Bad Idea. And, again, my mood seems to have gotten better.

The weird space between Christmas and New Year’s continues — as discussed with my wife the other day, it’s a kind of an odd break between Happy Fun Times. I find it less anxious now that I’m not drinking, as there’s less… debauchery to be ramping down from, and up to. New Year’s Eve is really a drinking game more than anything, up there with Saint Patrick’s and… well, those are the Big Two, really. Cinco de Mayo in some parts of North America.

On the whole, things are going well emotionally and boozewise. 2018 will be the Year of Fitness and Solid Eating. Bear with me a few more days on that.


Day 353: Happy Lamp Insomnia!

Based on VERY LITTLE RESEARCH, I think it was the Happy Lamp that was causing my sleep problem. When I told Happy Lamp veterans that I’d been using it in the evening, their reaction was not unlike when the kid in the first Ring movie finds out his mom helped Samara escape the well. “You’re not supposed to help her!”

So yes. Happy Lamp is a morning thing, apparently. And a workplace thing. But while I don’t think I have a monumental or fragile ego, the thought of answering questions about what the giant glowing thing on my desk is… meh. I’m happy just using it for 30 or minutes or so while I’m working on things at home. But in the morning!

Generally a better mood after a couple days of good food and good exercise. Not great this morning, but good. Spin keeps kicking my butt.

And tomorrow: out of town while my wife writes her citizenship exam! So that’s a big day. Jerkpod on the road, which I might have figured out from my iPad now, if I can configure a couple of things once I’ve done this. So maybe I’ll get cracking on that.


Day 352: Happy Lamp Insomnia?

Well. Day Two using a UV lamp thinger to see if that brightens me up — pun semi-intended — as I go through a bit of the doldrums. I can’t say it made an immediate difference yesterday. BUT I did have a hell of a hard time getting to sleep.

That never happens. I fall asleep like a champ most nights. 99% of the time I just conk out in five minutes. Reading in bed is impossible for more than 10 minutes. I just pass out.

So lying awake is something that only happens rarely, and almost always for caffeine reasons. I have insomnia a lot, but it’s “wake up in the night” insomnia, not “fall asleep” insomnia.

All I can think of is… happy lamp? I was using it yesterday evening. Did it reset my brain to thinking it was the morning?

I don’t know. I’m half-assedly committed to seeing this through for about a week, so we’ll see what happens with my mood, and also with my sleep.


Day 351: A Hard Day’s Workout

Well, that was a good, exorcise-the-demons kind of workout… not remotely close to great, but posted my best 5k of 2017 and thought I was going to barf.

It has been a lousy month. I just haven’t been able to get it together, it feels like. Work has been fine, but I’m a bit of a basket case at home at the moment. I just got a suggestion from my friend to try a natural UV light thing for Seasonal Affective Disorder, which… why not? I’ll give it a shot. It actually should be on for about as long as it takes to put this podcast together, so that’s convenient timing.

It is now the era of Happy Lamp! Let’s see what happens after a week of Happy Lamp use.