Day 869: Moving Day (Not Mine) (Day 7 of 100)

It’s a holiday Monday, and we’re helping friends move, so it’s this and then seeing my folks off, and then over to… well, shift boxes for at least the morning. No “standard” exercise this morning because I don’t see the point in tuckering myself out before helping out.

Not great food while my folks have been here, which is to be expected, but still logging a week into this; logging everything, and re-identifying where my weak points are. I haven’t been dropping pounds yet, but that’s not surprising — it’s 90% kitchen and 10% gym, and I need to start adjusting that kitchen starting this week.

Day 838: Good Friday!

Late sleep in this morning, but still getting on track for the full day — exercise, shower, dressed, and planning a three-day weekend. Honestly it’s not that different than a regular weekend, except I have some volunteer work to do and would really like to clean the basement.

In another window on this computer I’m trying another attempt at a personal to-do list. I rock these at work, but I’m brutally bad at them at home — it’s an interesting issue, and I think it’s largely because I do 90% of my work-work in front of a computer, and don’t spend that much time in front of a screen at home (and I’m trying to cut down on phone use).

So my preferred todo method, PlainTasks plugin for Sublime Text 3, doesn’t really work at home as it’s difficult to access on the fly. I use Wunderlist with my wife for groceries and stuff, but that’s not really a great system either — I need to subdivide what I’m doing or it gets overwhelming, and I don’t want to maintain sixteen different lists in Wunderlist.

These are good problems to have, which I recognize — just some context for the weekend.

Day 724: Boxing Fast (almost)

Oof. I ate (mostly) real food yesterday, but it was a feast and a half, and after eating all the good Indian vegan food I’m (a) proud [I did about 90% of the cooking] and (b) feeling very large and very bloated.

So I’m’a fast today. Why not? My wife’s working a 12-hour shift, I’m running on enough calories to fuel a rhino, and I’ve only had some coffee and orange juice so far today. I don’t feel hungry at all.

It’s mainly a matter of distraction, and I have a TON of distractions and things to do today. Soooo… fasting for boxing day! Get that reset button hit after a big eating day.

Day 722: I’ll Have a Food Christmas

It’s pre-Christmas cooking day! We’re doing a whole Indian thing this year; I’ve already done the big shop yesterday, and so far this morning have made the spiced mixed nuts and… ah, I can’t remember what it’s called, but celeriac and beet and lemon and spices. Kind of a cole slaw dealio.

Today’s about 90% prep, and tomorrow I’ll be rocking the cooking while my wife works, and then it’ll be a merry Christmas afternoon for both of us.

Good food, too. Real food. I fought off the urge to buy snacks and discount chocolate yesterday, and will today as well (there are a couple more things to pick up).

REAL FOOD, BABY! It’s not a panacea — I wound up snacking on bread and chutney last night, for instance, I didn’t need to do that, but it wasn’t “sweet crap food,” at least. I still need to eat intelligently. But cutting down on my sugar and fried-stuff intake will be a good start.

Day 716: Countdown to Christmas / New Year’s

One week til Christmas! And two until New Year’s! Putting music together for the holiday radio show, which is putting me in the spirit, and quite frankly a bit stoked about resolutions. My wife and I have our finances more or less on track (tricky, with the recent vet bills), and while we haven’t had the best year for exercise/fitness, we’ve got a lot of tools in the toolbox for positive reinforcement and getting things done. 

So… the countdown’s on! Expect more posts about a new year’s plan in the days to come. 

Day 453: Holiday, sleeping in… exercise?

It’s Good Friday, and what’s making it good for me is among other things GOING BACK TO BED. I’m’a sleep in! I’m excited. So I’m doing the podcast before exercise this morning, and I’m going to go for a super long walk with my wife this morning, I think, in lieu of something frantic and sweaty.

A three-day weekend is a super common trouble spot for me. And I’ve been doing really well. So: watch the food, watch myself, stay on top of diet and NO SNACKING. I’ll see if my wife is up for some sort of Healthy Holiday Weekend challenge so we can stay on top of each other in a fun and friendly way.

Day 342: Out of Sorts, Holiday Time

I’m not feeling it today. Up since about 3:30; I think accumulated stress and various stuff has just got me all rocky. So I’m, weirdly enough, kind of leaning into Christmas right now.

Mainly this is prepping music for the radio show. But I have to confess I’m kind of… feeling it this year. Maybe because after a year of political horror and a mix of personal triumph and setbacks, I’m ready for something a bit pure and seasonal.

It’s kind of early for me to be feeling Christmasy. Last year, I remember it was like December 22 before I even felt a bit merry. But this year, I don’t know. I think maybe I need this right now. Some cheer.

So I’ve been listening to new and interesting and weird Christmas music since about 5 a.m., and it’s actually substantially improving my mood. Hooray!

It’s been a not great week for food and exercise, I’ll be honest. Mentally, I’ve been checked out since about Wednesday. Monday’s another reboot and fast day, and I think I’ll be getting back on track then. But I’ll be honest — it’s been a rough week. Emotionally, which leads to physically.

Leaning into the holidays make sense for me right now.


Day 330: Austerity Begins Tomorrow

Getting ready to roll back home in about an hour, and after a few days of “Christmas,” looking forward to actually exercising and eating… not starting myself, but eating tight, if you know what that means.

I think I am seeing a slow transformation over the course of this year, where I’m developing more of a general, ongoing, low-grade desire to eat better and exercise. I’m definitely starting to feel antsy after a few days of not working out and not eating super well.

Yesterday was fun; a great time in the big city, some good hanging out afterwards. A bit of Beer Hostage going on, but not too terribly much.

Now, it’s coffee and driving! Well, showering, packing, coffee and driving. Back to better production values and theme music tomorrow.