Day 367: New Year’s Day Three; Scheduling Fail

So far, so good with this “scheduled life” nonsense. Well, so far, so okay, in that my wife wasn’t feeling up to going out last night, so a scheduled outing turned into a night in. She was okay with me going out, but we’re a team and blah blah blah I did mention I was a homebody, right?

But it’s not a bad approach… after only three days. 10 days is when the wheels usually fall off these things. Today after the podcast I’ll be trying to schedule the weekend, which is going to be tricky.

The central idea here is going to be this “church” thing I’m doing with my wife on Sundays, because that will probably be a “let’s both plan our weeks” thing, including the following weekend.

Not getting distracted will be key — I just lost 10 minutes to my short attention span. Focus, fool! Focus!