Day 953: Hostcation (again again)

Keeping it quick and quiet as there are guests in the next room — I kind of miss doing longer Jerkpods, to be honest, my attention’s just been elsewhere recently.

More family fun today, keeping things loose to roll with whatever plans my guests want to pursue. I’ll be back to “normal” by the late afternoon, and I’m hoping to spend the next couple of days working on Dry and Mighty — website setup, doing some test writing, test social media, etc.

Right now, I have to get back to getting breakfast, coffee, etc. sorted…

Day 952: Hosting (again)

Back to hosting! Family in for lunch, afternoon, dinner, and overnight — I’m guessing about a 30-hour window of having my relatives here. I’m looking forward to it; I have to get in gear and do some tidying, grocery shopping, lunch prep, etc., but should be good to go for when they all roll in in about… four hours, I’m guessing.

Off to tidy and prep!

Day 947: Greetings from Toronto (hopefully)

If all’s well, I’m close to Oshawa and on my way to Toronto this morning, taking my mother-in-law to the airport (but doing the smart thing and taking trains in and out of the city, to avoid mental wear and tear).

Back to work tomorrow, and I’m actually kind of excited to be back to routine… I’ve been okay with food for the break, but am far from perfect and am actually kind of stoked to get back on a proper program without having houseguests.

Day 946: Off again!

Final leg of Big Visit 2019: going to my folks’ place in Port Perry, then off to Toronto to drop my mother-in-law off at the airport. It’s been lovely having her! It’s hard to express, though, how “hosting” is different than “vacationing” in terms of actually having time off… even with the most delightful houseguest, there’s still the ambient pressure of having to make sure somebody is tended to.

Pre-record for tomorrow, and then it’s back to routine — I actually miss work, as weird as that sounds.

Day 945: Town Trip!

Part of the hosting thing — a tour of some of our fave Ontario small towns today; up to Merrickville, across to Perth, back home. Lots of driving!

Walking was the exercise yesterday — a lot of it, and more today, as we boot around a bunch of small Ontario communities and check out some local festivals, etc.

Going to grab some coffee, a shower, and get ready to hit the road… resisting road food will be the big thing today, but I’m feeling confident.

Day 799: Back to normal!

It’s been great having houseguests for the weekend, and weathering a comic convention without an existential collapse.

It’s good to be back, though. Up early with my wife as she gets ready for the early shift, some brisk spinning, shower, and this — then back to bed! I’m ready for some Second Sleep so I can then get on to a very busy week at work.

Work is still pretty bananas, but I feel like it’s largely setup for later execution. I’ve tried to be good about not working over the weekend — I know it leads to busier Mondays, but having that time “pure” is important.

Day 475: Family Time

A quick one because my folks are in town… its hard sometimes to know what to do with guests. I feel a compulsion to entertain, which is hard to fulfill when somebody’s interests are pretty divergent from your own.

So I’m going to be doing some quick research this morning to see what’s up around town today, and setting up some sort of activity this afternoon.

I think there’s a generational shift at some point, probably facilitated by ease of transport and ease of communication, where in the past visiting people was an EVENT, and one dropped everything and prepared a programme of activities and hoops with sticks and all that. In my middle-aged generation, things seem a lot more casual — we show up, we hang out, but there isn’t any kind of pressure to Entertain, just to be available if the visitors want to do stuff, or get together for dinner and offer a crash pad if they have their own agenda.

So it’s going to be a bit of a day today; exercise will be tomorrow morning rather than this morning. Food should be fine, sleep was actually pretty good last night, and sobriety is going well overall.

Day 457: Houseguests

A short one today; entertaining friends from out of town, which is always an interesting little cascade of compromises — good compromises and sacrifices worth making. But there’s still a little “gentle exercise to stay quiet” and different patterns of motions.

Progress, for me, is super routine driven. What’s worked for me so far seems to be less about finding motivational phrases or “magic words” and more ways to sequence and organize my life to unconsciously encourage good behaviour.

Which is an interesting observation in and of itself.

“Psyching myself up” is something I can do for exercise, or for difficult moments at work, but it’s not a sustainable life exercise. Life is about setting up success through the structure, not through the brain.

Worth thinking about…