Day 337: Bouncing Back

Maybe I’ve just been sick this past week! The loginess, the lack of enthusiasm and focus… yesterday, I had a low-grade headache all day, and wound up going to bed at 7 p.m. and sleeping for 10 hours straight. Feeling better this morning, and wondering if I’ve been nursing some sort of bug for a while.

I don’t normally get migraines, but the light-sensitive headache is definitely a sign of one, so I’m hoping I’ve been a bit atypically mopey because I’ve been fighting something off.

So it’s a new week and a new start (and fasting day); hopefully I’ve shaken off whatever was getting to me last week. Onward and upward!

Day 255: On The Mend

As suspected, a day of distracting myself with work and other obligations got me about 75% of the way better. The frustrating thing is not having a control group to test myself against. Would I have gotten just as better if I’d stayed home another day? Who knows?

But after a few days of not exercising, I’m champing at the bit to get back on that, for sure. I feel bloaty and aimless. The anchoring of a morning workout is becoming pretty important to me, it turns out.

This is an opportunity to revisit the exercise routine, at least. For quite a while, it was running geared toward a half-marathon program. Neglecting strength training entirely. Now, I think I should re-evaluate the strength training component and rebalance everything a bit.

I’m just going to order a g_d pull-up bar and get back on Gorilla, I think — and shake up the routine.

Make the illness work for you, right?


Day 254: Still Sick, Dammit

Okay, after four days of this stupid cold, I’m swinging back to the “power through” end of the spectrum. Clearly “total shutdown to work on it” doesn’t accelerate the process. So at least I’ve learned something.

What have I learned? I’m not sure.

I mean, if I could set myself up with alternate dimensions, I guess I’d be able to run this with control groups. But as it stands all I have is past experience with these kinds of colds to go from. And that arc is usually 1-2 days of feeling lousy, followed by 3-5 days with a cough and feeling semi-lousy.

Which is where I’m at now. But that’s with “total rest” as opposed to trying to operate.

So I don’t think total rest is really making things much better. In fact, I think the distraction of work might actually be more beneficial than lying around feeling sick.

Now… who can be sure? If I’d gone to work yesterday, maybe I’d be dead. Maybe this was the worst cold ever and I gave myself a chance by not succumbing to it entirely.

But I doubt it. It felt like an average bad cold.

So I think my lesson might be to just power through and get punchy on NyQuil at work; operate at half-capacity and see how that does me. Hopefully this will be the Big Cold of fall/winter 2017-18 and I won’t have to find out.

But — mental note — next time, just power through and see how that does me.


Day 253: Project Cold Continues

Okay, I haven’t gotten rid of my cold yet. But in a radical departure from my norm, I’m actually taking a sick day.

I don’t take sick days. Hardly ever. I don’t like ’em. I find I feel better when I have stuff to do, and being sick at home just makes me feel worse.

But I’m trying to really get over a cold fast here. So focusing on getting better, rather than getting through, is my key.

Hence: sick day. I have emailed a buttload of people. I’ve moved and cleared meetings. I’m setting everything up to spend a day with NyQuil and clean sheets.

If this doesn’t work, I’m gonna be a bit pissed. To be honest. Because if I don’t get better by focusing on getting better, then I’ve just wasted a bunch of time focusing on getting better.

Maybe I’m putting too much pressure on myself to get better now. But I don’t care. I’ve spent a full day on this, and two with today. I want to get &^%$ better. Otherwise I’m’a just revert to the “power through” strategy for future illness.


Day 252: A Cold as a Project

Colds used to be sober times for me. I know there are “whiskey and lemon” remedies out there, but a bad cold was a no-drinks zone. Sobriety has been good to me lately, without even much of a “nag” going on, but it’s still nice to be in a zone where it’s not even a remote consideration.

So “getting over a cold” as a project instead of a hindrance is interesting. I’m actively leaning into this. I don’t know quite exactly what this means except that I’m making it a top of mind factor rather than a “I’m struggling through a cold” scenario.

So I’m kind of resting aggressively and drinking water with intent today, in an assay to accelerate recovery. I’m especially susceptible to bronchitis, so dedicating a day to avoiding weeks of bad coughs is a worthwhile investment.

Water: check. NyQuil: check. Plenty of sleep: you got it. I’m geared up for a full-on War On Virus, and I intend to flush that thing out of my system with rest and hydration.

Again, I’m normally a “power through” person. This is uncharted territory for me. I’m going to see what I can do if I completely attack a cold instead of ignoring it.

Game on, virus! Let’s see what you got.

Day 251: Getting Over a Cold

The cough started yesterday, and the heavy chest yesterday evening. I’m definitely coming down with something.

So no run today, or probably tomorrow: I’m in the midst of the most intense time of my work-year, and I need to get better faster rather than try to power through anything. Today’s a big day, alas, but tomorrow can be Full Recovery if I choose.

Lots of water. I have the radio show this morning, and a command performance this morning and this evening for work stuff. The middle of the day can be chugging water and resting. Oh, and pills: I’m not going to be “brave” about taking some cold meds this time around, either.

In short: I gotta do what I gotta do today, but I’m going to dedicate the rest of my time to Cold Recovery. Drinking water, resting, and… well, that’s it, really. It’s not rocket science. I’m not curing colds, I just have to get over one.

I usually treat them as hassles or distractions. This might be the first time I really lean into “let’s get better” as an active agenda.

It’s gonna work! I feel good about this. I can kill a cold. I just need to bear down on it now, in an early stage, and make sure it’s stone dead by sundown on Sunday.


Day 221: Road Trip

Hitting the road in an hour for two days away, and feeling good about getting away. The summer cold seems to have surged, and now I’m stuffed up and feeling less than ambitious.

The goals are the same, though: let’s eat smart, and get some exercise in, while away. The easy lifestyle thing about the vacation is that I’m the sober partner, so the designated driver decisions are easy and argument-free.

I’m actually looking forward to the drive… a long haul to our destination, but podcasts and music and stuff. The challenge is going to be staying good with food, etc.

Packing for exercise is a pain in the ass, as there’s a lot of extra clothes, shoes, and so on. But It’s gotta be done! And I’m looking forward to exploring new places on foot.

This cold, though — ugh. Not much in the tank right now. I’m going to grab a shower, go pick up the car, and hopefully power into a good few days away.

Day 212: New month!

I like a new month. Starting this one with a bit of a summer cold, so taking it a bit easy, but the fresh starts are good. Still pretty pleased with the 18k on Sunday; due for another this Sunday. I’m starting to understand the rhythm of the half-marathon training.

Not really feelin’ it today, though. Again, summer colds are the worst. So I’m back to running tomorrow, but today is a day off; hopefully a hot shower and some goals for the day will help me feel like I’m more on track.

A new month means new starts. How can I make the most of this month’s new start? I’m wondering if I should start trying to beat records each month for staying on track. That wouldn’t be a bad idea.

So despite feeling under the weather, time to dig a bit deeper and start the new month right. I am seriously behind in weight loss, so I might take a fast day to right that ship. Tomorrow’s a light run, so no issues there.

New month, no new rules.

Again, I think the key here might be like quitting smoking. Just take runs at it until I get it right. I know I’m bored with failure, so it’s time to see what success looks like.

Day Seventy-Two: Sick and Half-Assing It

Up all night with some sort of headache/sinus thing. I’ve already written in to work saying I’m not coming in. But then I had to write a bunch of follow-up emails because I’m not going in. And I’ve realized I have to go in. Which sucks. I’ve muddled through a bit of walking-DVD exercise. I’m half-assing it.

Half-assing, wholly guilty

The tragedy is I don’t feel better when I half-ass it. I definitely don’t have it in me to give it my all. Some people get all professional wrestler when they’re ill, and push even harder. That’s not me. I’m not that guy. I’m proud of myself for getting out of bed AT ALL.

But I still feel bad. I have a countervailing inner “but couldn’t you have tried harder?” voice in my head. I can’t even enjoy half-assing. It’s a pain.

So I’m feeling too under the weather to get my head in the game. But I’m in the game enough to feel bad to not be giving it my all. It’s a no-win; headaches suck. This is also the second time this winter that I’ve gotten some sort of weird sinus-headache going on, and I’m hoping it’s not a Thing for me now.


On the bright side, “evening check in” went well yesterday; it really did help with my evening grazing, I think.


Day Forty-Eight: Sick and Sober

The headache continues, somewhat abated. I’m pretty sure at this point that it’s sinus-related, because I still feel snoofly and like my sinuses are a bit plugged up, and those symptoms and the headache seem to diminish through the day kind of concurrently. But I’m sick and sober. At least.

I’m grateful to be sober right now. I suspect this is a thing where — especially since last night was a Friday night — I would have ‘helped myself feel better’ with a few drinks last night, and felt much worse this morning.

Sick and Sober is better than Sick and Sick

Which is pretty obvious on its surface, but it’s interesting, the further I get from my last drink, how it’s easier to stop that internal dialogue. “I feel lousy.” “You know what’ll help you feel better?” “Two nighttime Ibuprofen and a good night’s sleep.” Boom, done. Nice chat, brain. Good to have you along.

So the headache is still rumbling around a little, I suspect because the sinuses are still clogged a little. I have the radio show with my wife this morning, and then it’s off to a (well-planned!) weekend out of town. Exciting! I’m not going to drink this weekend. I’ve also got a rough food map to keep me from making dumb decisions on that end as well.

I’ve even got a plan for podcasting from the road — untested, but theoretically totally workable. So I’ll see you tomorrow, hopefully…