Day 443: SSL Certificate Arrgh

A technological aside that dovetails into a stressor: if you’re visiting the website for this project, you may notice it’s marked as “not secure” in the address bar. That’s because I haven’t secured the site with an SSL certificate.

In this case, and in the case of all the sites I host, it’s not that big a deal — I don’t accept input. I’m not taking in personal information or credit card info or anything like that. So it’s not mission critical.

But it’s still something I should look into, especially for the volunteer canoe club site that I’m managing.  Again, it’s not crucial, but it’s probably a good thing to do.

And that’s another rabbit hole to go down. I don’t have money for SSL certificates, and free options like Let’s Encrypt seem to be… fiddly, requiring everything to re-up every three months or so.

It’s whack-a-mole, basically — always something new coming up. The good news, of course, is that I’m always learning new things. The bad news is it never seems to end…