Day 575: Hip Vs. Drugs Vs. Sleep

I am definitely Of An Age at which I can say “oh, my hip.” It’s been acting up the last few days — no running today, just a moderate row — and we have some painkillers in the house that my wife can’t take, because she doesn’t do well with the acetaminophen component.

They get rid of the hip pain but they make me sleepy, and then I don’t sleep well at night because I’ve been sleepy all day.

My wife’s going booze-free for 40 days, starting today; we’re both trying sugar-free from now until the end of August in an attempt to kick out a kind of plateau we’ve settled on over the summer.

Right now, though, I’m literally trying to just keep my eyes open. I’ve been inspired by my friend Adam, who is coffee-free for a while now, to try easing out of coffee once I run out of beans in the house. This may be something I need to time over a weekend or some point where it’s okay if I’m super low performance for a few days in a row…


Day 521: Sore Shoulders!

Are they… CONTAGIOUS? My wife had a brutal shoulder pull yesterday, and I woke up today with a really sore shoulder! Maybe it’s just bad sleep and a coincidence. Maybe I’ve discovered the sore shoulder virus!

The foster is loose! He figured out how to get past our barricades last night, and we’re just giving him the run of the house now. Considerable grouchiness and whapping from the older cat, but no real fights, so hopes are high they’ll settle in together soon.

Other than that, a keep on keepin’ on kind of day. I sort of miss exercise already.


Day 415: Sprinting While Sore

Shoulder kept me up last night, and for the last few days has been doing more of a number on my morale than I’d care to admit — weight’s ticked up a notch; nothing terrible but higher than I’d like.

The key right now is not to lean into feeling floompy. Dig in, get out. Light exercise this morning, keep an eye on food today (I turned Sunday and a holiday Monday into an excuse — nothing terrible, but not in the spirit of the Sprint, either).

Right now, I’m mainly just sleepy. Part of that is no coffee yet today, but if I’m at the point that I absolutely require coffee to wake up, that’s a good sign that I need to back off the coffee a bit.

So: a little bit back to basics today: do the exercise, log the food, keep it tight. See if I can get back on weight track and finish the last week of this strong despite the shoulder injury.

This is the month I’m going to leap ahead. I just need to keep that “leap ahead” in mind and push through. One more week to go…

Day 414: Holiday Monday; Sore

Late post today because I slept in a bit for a holiday Monday here in Ontario. What I was hoping was a temporarily sore shoulder/neck thing has turned into a pretty acutely sore shoulder/neck thing.

Shoulder and neck have been a problem since a bike accident in Quebec almost 20 years ago. It’s easy for me to pull and tear my shoulder muscles, and I guess some super vigorous rowing has done that. Nothing for it but to keep up the exercise, but light so I don’t exacerbate it, and stretch more routinely using some stuff I used in physio a couple of years back.

Yesterday was an off day for food logging — Sunday — and Saturday was a big sushi day, so I suspect I’ll have some ground to make up. But the extra sleep was nice, and I’m looking forward to an additional project day around the house before getting back to work tomorrow.

Work’s going to be a bearcat this week: short week, and also some things coming that are in no way my fault but are going to be my responsibility. So best to have a good day today, get a clear head, and refresh myself as much as possible.


Day 130: Gingerly Back On That Horse

All right! Break’s over. Back on that horse.  I’m feeling better across the shoulders. I had a weird twinge in my IT band (I think) this morning. Which reminded me of something I’ve forgotten.

When I stop exercising for a while, my body starts spontaneously injuring itself.

I’m not even joking. I’m glad to be back on that horse, because when my back twinged this morning, I remembered. If I stop exercising for a few days to a week, I start pulling more things. I don’t know why.

I’m no physiotherapist. But I guess my body adjusts to a certain level of activity. And if I stop maintaining it, the… minor atrophy?… makes things happen. Bad things.

So: back on that horse, including food logging and evening checklists.

I’m’a record this, and then it’s over to food logging, and the evening checklist, and the whole nine yards. It’s not easy, but I have to say it makes me happy. I don’t know when I became a routine junkie. Maybe it’s something that comes with age. But I genuinely like the idea of having things locked in like that.

So yeah: back on that horse. A gentle row this morning to start stretching everything back in place. A short run tomorrow. Hopefully back to 100% next week. I’m looking forward to it.

I’m looking forward to it!?! This is genuinely surprising.



Day 129: Recovery Break

I have to admit that I may have needed this recovery break.

Second day of true recovery; my shoulders are back up to about 70%, but I don’t want to mess with them. I miss exercise, which is a bit surprising. I thought I’d relish the time off. And I do like sleeping in. But I definitely feel restless and ill at ease. So I’m actually kind of looking forward to getting back on it.

Who’d have thunk it?

A pretty good food day yesterday; the full stop has been a full stop, with no logging and no checklist. Part of me feels like this is a bit silly, but again, the break is a break. I’m breaking.

I wish I had some core piece of wisdom coming out of this about it not happening again. But it seems to have been spontaneous. “Don’t get stressed” is a good one. The stresses that I think led to this, though, were external.

The recovery break is ending, I’ll be  getting back on that horse tomorrow.

But I need to rein that horse in.

Tomorrow I’m going to do a light session on the rower: slow and easy, more to get the muscles stretched out than for pure exercise reasons. Again, I’m surprised at how much I miss it.

I’ll be dreading the scale tomorrow, but what can you do? I need the information. I won’t like the information, but I need it. This has definitely been a setback, but the key is going to be not letting the setback define my next few weeks.

There’s a fine balance between “don’t get discouraged and keep trying” and “fight back too hard and re-injure.” So I need to bear this moderate and steady pace of improvement in mind, and re-adopt that, even if I’m a bit behind in where I’d like to be. Going nuts won’t help me in the long run.

Day 128: Injury Two — Full Stop

This is a bad one. I wound up coming home from work yesterday morning, and spent the afternoon flat on my back, zonked out on painkillers. This morning, I’m feeling about 50% better, but still a lot of passive pain, and turning my head is a chore. So no exercise today. No weighing myself, either — I’m not going to get in my own head while I’m on a full stop.

So I’m taking a couple days off everything but the blog and podcast, it looks like. Maybe I’m due a break anyway. Yesterday’s determination to not over-eat ran headlong into my feeling bad and being a stress eater.

You’ll never guess which won.

Actually, you probably will.

It was the stress eating.

The stress eating won.

It won hard.

Full stop has to stop sometime.

So I’m on a break; stretching today and for the next couple days until this is over. But today I am getting back on food logging and not eating like a damn fool. Plus I made natto last weekend, and I’m looking forward to having that for lunch.

So I’m going to get grips on the non-exercise portions of this today; I think it’s okay to allow myself a Big Day Off when I’m in pain and feeling low, but ultimately just getting completely slack is going to make me feel worse in the long run, even if it helps when I’m hurting.