Day 963: Keepin’ On

A keepin’ on day! Things are going well. Great exercise this morning, work’s chugging along, tinkering with the Dry and Mighty site/writing and looking forward to starting my Master’s in the fall.

It’s kind of a keep-grinding week… wrapping this up and then working on Dry & Mighty for a bit, tinkering with the site, and then back to the office. All’s well!

Day 922: Still Keepin’ On!

This is not a bad thing! It’s just… samey right now. Food’s looking good, I’m exercising, and work is less hectic than it has been in a long time.

I’m sure part of this brevity is another 4 a.m. wakeup and sleeping in various beds due to the heat, but it’s another short day here. Things are good! Carry on!

Day 835: On track

Things are going pretty well. Still not quite back from the planned setback of vacation time in March-April, but I’m on a logging streak — 10 days today, I believe — and getting back in the “morning flow” rhythm of up, cats, water, exercise, shower, this, and writing or other things til work.

Frankly, I’m doing this quickly because I kind of want to get on to making some coffee and then nudging the book forward a bit– 15-20 minutes a day to work on it isn’t much, but it’s something, and every step forward is, well, a step forward.

Writing about getting better helps me get better, I think. I mean more/besides this, which on many days feels like an obligation rather than a joy — I need to make sure I’m not drifting into YAGO with this whole project.

Day 834: Keepin’ On

A “keeping on” kind of day — not much to report; less writing yesterday than I intended, but lots of good kitchen work. We’re set for food for lunches for quite a while, roasted some nuts, did the laundry, cleaned the bedsheets and remade the bed.

A pretty normal day with no particularly profound thoughts. Still happy to be on a social media diet after — has it been 100 days yet? Checking, it’s actually 156.

Day 816: Pluggin’ Away

Not much to report here — I need to get back on things post-vacation, like the checklist, which I’ve been shameful about. Sleep’s been rough since I got back, and work is as bananas as I might expect after a week away.

Tonight’s goal: checklist re-established and good sleep!

Tomorrow: second run of the year!

Day 748: Staying on the Path

A good, solid resistance day yesterday — no snacking, sticking to the food plan, the whole nine yards. Gearing up for a frigid weekend with proper Canadian cold in the air, which honestly I kind of like.

My morning has been very… stuffy. It’s hard to describe, not like “have a cold” stuffy, but a kind of settled-in muzziness that’s difficult to articulate. I haven’t had a cold yet this entire season, that I recall, but it’s a possibility. Still, drinking a ton of water and eating right/exercising is definitely the best hope I have of fending something off.

Exercise wasn’t really want I wanted it to be this morning, but there’s nothing to say I can’t incorporate some pull-ups or something into my day.

And tonight: friends for dinner, and then much much later a late-night online D&D game with friends internationally. Looking forward to both.

Day 638: Normaling

Just kind of normaling through my morning – hoping I can dig myself out enough time for a short nap before work. This whole up early, back to bed thing seems to work for me, as long as I don’t get Internet-distracted too much.

Right to exercise is still the winning formula — but that needs to apply to all stuff. I just spent 20 minutes messing around on the Internet. Not that I should never, or don’t deserve, to mess around on the Internet, but on balance, I’d rather have had that time for sleep.