Day 612: Los Gatos Terribles

Insomnia seems to be getting better in terms of busy brain and sleep — thank God — but heat, humidity and cats are still taking a toll on good sleep. So a bit of a late start this morning, but 20 minutes of spin just to get the blood flowing… I think I’m ready to roll into the day.

Not much to report in general! Keepin’ on.

Day 589: Post-Experiment

It’s good to be back!

I did not enjoy that as much as I thought I would.

First, let’s not kid ourselves. I’m a bit of a mess. Not much of a mess, but a bit of one. So I’ve become… dependent isn’t the word, but over the course of a year and a half this has become an important part of my life. Pre-producing and releasing episodes is… fine, but doesn’t sit right.

Second, I’m not sure I’d listen to this podcast. The personal connection is a super strong one. A litany of tips from strangers is… meh. Not terrible, but if I’m producing something I myself wouldn’t listen to, that seems like kind of a weird move.

Third, it would take a hell of a lot of effort to get up to steam. That’s not a reason not to do something. I’m not afraid of work. But I am aware of my limitations and my constraints, and it would be really hard to make this happen.

But there was a lot I liked! I liked the surprising things I learned. I liked picking up new tips.

It’s been an overall bad week for exercise and diet — the Whole30 thing didn’t even last a week, we bailed on it super fast. I think the podcast helps keep me on track, so now that I’m back to daily this, hopefully everything else will kind of slide into place.


Day 530: Mojo Seekin’

Things are going okay! That is first. Second, though, is that my mojo is just not quite all there these days. Sleeping in a bit more, exercising a bit less… I’m doing all right on the diet and weight front, on a plateau but not gaining. Sleep’s been challenging mostly for cat related reasons — last night it was the foster playing SHARK ATTACK every time my toes moved in the night.

As stated: things are going okay. I feel like I’m in a perfectly acceptable holding pattern. The planes are stacked up. But I’m neither ascending nor descending — it’s pretty much waiting for me to get into some sort of sleep/exercise groove again.


Day 427: Placeholder

Kind of the mental equivalent of running my finger on my lips and going beebeebee today — there are days where there are things to report, and days when there are… less so. Today seems to be a placeholder day. My wife is sleeping in after an ended-at-midnight shift last night and has a 12-hour noon to midnight shift coming up, I’m on  Sunday exercise break (still food tracking, though).

Things are going fine. The side hustle has been dead for over a month, and needs resuscitation. I’ve just been busy finishing off other things recently; to be honest, I’ve been going at it hard at work and I think I need to just get a bit spacey in my free time.

So I’m going to grab a shower and plan my day a bit — nothing specific on the radar just yet, other than assembling the coffee table I’m done building — and get to it.

Day 425: Exercise is good

After two days off for not terrible, but varied reasons, it’s great to exercise again. Good session on the rower; a little behind schedule due to a slow start. My wife’s job sometimes takes her in at 5 a.m., which means she’s up at 3:30, and it can be… discombobulating, especially when combined with a natural tendency toward insomnia.

Not much to report, today — put in an almost 12-hour workday at the office the night before last, but it was kind of a strategic overwork that’s got me back on track for the rest of the week. I’m making a mature decision to step back from a LAN party tomorrow to get stuff done at home — and save some money, because I’d be into probably $50 of taxis and food. Plus it’s a lot easier to maintain good food habits when I’m not in a room full of snacks and video games.

Feeling pretty good today. Looking forward to the weekend.