Day 904: Now I’m Freaked Out About Kidney Stones

Now that I’m thinking about kidney stones again, it’s hard to stop thinking about kidney stones; a wibbly stomach again and I can’t stop wondering if it’s just something I ate, or… the lurking doom.

All’s I can do is keep drinking water, I guess. And keep that morphine around.

I haven’t gotten rid of the Grand Funk yet, which as stated the other day is tiresome. Hopefully soon? Maybe lingering kidney stones are causing the Grand Funk? Who knows at this point…

Day 903: Dire Kidney Stone Portents

A friend of mine who has spent considerably more time than me at the kidney stone rodeo gave me a dire warning yesterday that a complete cessation of pain for a week or more may not mean the stone has passed! It may still be lurking. So there’s something for me to think about. Good motivation for me to chug water like a warthog, assuming warthogs chug a lot of water.

The Grand Funk seems to be lifting a bit; I’m cautiously optimistic, and a bout of forcing myself to clean the house for two hours last night was helpful. Tidying is a good panacea for my brain, for whatever reason.

The irony of these things is I know exercise helps, but the last thing I want to do is exercise. Maybe more paddling today? That definitely seems to help.

Day 899: Kidney stone +7 days; sleep is the new canoeing

Last week at this time I was vomiting in pain, and crawling around on the floor before the stone shifted enough that I could call a cab to take me to the hospital.

I think I underestimated the trauma recovery time from this, or other factors; it’s been rough since then.

No canoeing this morning as I was up a lot in the night and needed the sleep… hopefully tomorrow I’ll be back on the water, and closer to back on my game.