Day 370: Anxiet-knee

Trying a brisk cycle on the spin bike this morning, and during an intense upright session I started thinking “my right leg feels weird.” Followed by “no, my right knee feels weird.” Followed by “ouch.”

I’ve had knee problems in the past, my “brusque to the point of rude” family doctor told me I had arthritis in the summer. Or (after about a five-minute once-over) at least that it was probably arthritis, and she was sending me for an x-ray, and if it wasn’t arthritis she’d call, so since I never heard from her again I assume it was arthritis.

I’m not a big fan of my family doctor.

So relying largely on self-diagnosis with that scrap of information, I seem to have arthritis that’s kind of only triggered by pivoting, to date. But intense standing-up-cycling seems to make my knee say “hey” as well. Which is not to say I’m going to stop spinning, just… not really speedy upright sessions.

So it’s off for a bit of self-directed research on knee pain and spinning, to see if there’s something simple I can do on my end to help with this. Then I might hit the bike again for a few minutes, just to get a bit more exercise in as the day begins.