Day 562: Change Your Mind

It’s important to change your mind.

24 hours ago, I would have been pro red-light cameras. Clamoring for them, actually. As somebody who is primarily pedestrian/cyclist, I’m sensitive to stupid drivers, and drivers are stupid.

The problem is actually less “stupid” and more “thoughtless and selfish” — what’s going on around them isn’t relevant, only getting somewhere as fast as humanly possible. Even if there’s no need to get somewhere fast.

Edging up to ranting, so let’s get this back on focus.

So I am, at default, pro anything that calms traffic and punishes bad drivers. I’ve got a broad and general feeling that we drive a lot more than we actually need to, and as a society plan our lives in a kind of dumb way because transportation is easy and cheap, giving us sprawl and ecological disaster instead of urban density and good city planning.

I’m a red light camera advocate.

Then somebody drops this on me — a summary of some metadata studies showing red light cameras increase accidents:

I haven’t gone fishing for evidence for red light cameras yet.

But, absent that, I’m changing my mind.

This is a good thing. Minds should change. I’m glad mine did.