Day 994: Back to Bed!

It’s Sunday! The one official sleep-in day of the week. I’m about to head back to bed, after a 120-page reading and annotation day yesterday — my brain is full — but with a bunch’o stuff to do today as well.

A good day to reboot food tracking as well; it’s been sloppy for a while, and I suspect if I get on the scales right now I’ll be displeased. I’m using the studying thing as an excuse, which I promised myself I wouldn’t do.

I have to confess it’s a lot — which is a good thing in a lot of ways. But it’s pulling almost all my focus, so this is going to be phoned in until the 1000th, and I’m really glad I only have one WAFFLES! left before that concludes.

I’m also frontloading some of the work, which is smart (I hope) — maybe not absolutely the best for grades, but good for sanity and planning.

So: back to bed, then plan my food day, then… more reading! Big brain stuff. Nobody said it was going to be easy!

Day 993: Allergy Rollercoaster; Too Much Reading

Allergies are up and down; last night was rough, with snuffling getting me up periodically. I’m also starting to feel the Masters pressure — it’s a lot of reading (170 pages this week alone), and I’m also supposed to be writing comments, and leading a discussion next Tuesday — not saying it’s an impossible load, but it’s definitely a challenging one.

The weekend is going to be radio show (two to go), and reading, reading, reading. This is apparently an atypically heavy week, so the pace is going to let up a bit; this is a lifestyle choice I’m going to have to roll with for the next two years.

On the bright side, the material is interesting! It’s a slog to read in the “academic writing is a pain” sense, but I’m learning a lot, and it’s interesting stuff to learn.

Day 988: Houseguests, Reading

Gotta knock this out quietly — houseguests in the next room — and then get some reading done before class, either at home or heading in early to do it before class starts. Staying on top of this is entirely possible, but yeah — it’s going to take continuous focus. Marathon, not a sprint.

Things are good in a “not much to report” way — lots going on at work, as always, but we’re building more capacity and have more support falling into place, which is great, food and exercise are solid, etc.

Day 983: School Good, Brain Bad

“Brain fine” is more accurate, but drama.

Everything’s cool. That’s the headline. I am, however, anxious (because anxiety is my jam) that I won’t be able to keep up. I’m fortunate to be working/studying with some brilliant people, and while I’d love to think I’m a pretty groovy chill Zen guy when it comes to this stuff, there’s a desire to at least be middle of the pack in these things.

Keeping up should be fine. I’m watching less junk, and reading more scholarship type things and that’s good. My main concerns are more around synthesis and absorption than the straight act of doing the readings.

Day 982: Sludgy Run, Brain Workin’

Not a stellar run this morning; one of the ones where it feels like my blood has been replaced with some sort of viscous fluid. Mod Podge, maybe. Just staggering around town feeling like there’s Mod Podge flowing through my veins.

Actually got up this morning and picked up my iPad and read legal document stuff while feeding the cats, instead of firing up Riverdale on Netflix, which made me feel like a responsible and large-brained lad. But it’s necessary! I’m trying to sneak a bit ahead on readings, because that’s probably the best way for me to give myself some cushion if I get work-busy or home-busy.

Day 981: Reading on the Spin Bike

It’s probably not great from either an educational or exercise standpoint, but I’ve just been reading some textbooks while on the spin bike (obviously not doing the up/down back/forth intense spinning thing, just treating it like an exercise bike).

It’s pretty great! 30 minutes at a moderate pace is a fine way to get some exercise in the morning, I’m a bit sweaty without being drenched (this is how I know I’m not really exercising), and I’ve absorbed a bit more of THE LAW.

I need to come up with my own learning strategies, though; I’ve got a few good ideas (mostly around rewriting / creating cheat sheets, etc.) that I can act on, but that’ll take a bit of evening focus.

Day 980: Brain Concerns

Oh, man! What if my brain is not big enough?

I’m… not like super worried, but still mildly worried, about the ol’ grey matter and my ability, in my mid-40s, to absorb new information quickly and en masse. Certainly remote from anything resembling freaking out — I did take a number of classes online over the past few years, and did really well — but there’s some pride and some passion involved here, especially since I’m moving into the realm of academia.

Keeping up with the reading isn’t a problem, but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t mildly concerned about absorption. I’ve read a ton over the past few days, but I think making time to review and especially discuss — I’m a talky learner — is going to be equally important.

Not using any of this as an excuse for bad food or bad exercise behaviour is obviously also on tap.

Day 979: Man, I Love Sleep

Seriously! I really, really, enjoy sleep. Not, like, in a depressed way, just in a “genuine enthusiasm” kind of way. Sleep’s great!

I’m writing this because, no surprise, I just woke up — Saturdays are wonderful, but I have to say I’m looking forward to the radio show ending and being able to sleep in a bit more.

Studying this weekend! I’ve got a lot on the go, educationally — taking one course, auditing another, and law courses are very read-ish. I’ve got about 40 pages of contracts, and dozens of my advanced research course.

Which is fine/good! It’s what I signed on for. I’m excited about it. It’s just what it is right now, and for the next year or so: lots and lots of reading!

And, hopefully, naps.

Day 977: Leaning into Dry and Mighty

I’m legitimately enjoying the upcoming Dry and Mighty, and am settling into a bit of a schedule for it — I was ambitiously thinking a short article a day fueled by an inbox of Google Alerts, but that’s nuts. One every three days seems reasonable: sketch/draft on day one, finish and edit day two, post and promote day three.

This will also help fuel the weekly podcast; Marisa and I can talk about anything for a real long time, but this’ll help shape the conversation and give us kicking-off points.

The LLM is going well in early days as well; it’s going to be busy, but exciting. Off to my first Contracts class (auditing) this morning, and lots (and lots and lots) of reading to do…

Day 949: I should start getting serious about the next things

I woke up this morning thinking “oh snap, its all happening soon!” — starting the LLM, the new Dry & Mighty project with my wife, a whole bunch o’ stuff. It’s time to start getting busy with these things!

I’m concurrently anticipating and dreading the academic part of the LLM. I’m going to be taking one class and auditing another, so that’s six hours of just lesson time every week; assignments and homework as well. Sooooo, that’s going to be a thing, and it starts in about three weeks, so it’s time to start wrapping my head around it.

All else is going well! But it’s time to get my regular life on lock before I get into the whole deal. It doesn’t have to be a huge amount of work, but I should chip away every day at this stuff.