Day 932: Weird People of Running

Hitting the road at 4:20 (brah!) a.m. to run in what our real estate agent cheerfully calls a “neighbourhood in transition” means you get to see the interesting side of town, with transactions on porches, open bathrobes, bikes and little trailers filled with what I can only assume is treasure, zombie walks, and somebody yelling something at me that for some reason I chose not to slow down and check out.

So it was a good run that came with a heaping side helping of humility and gratitude. I’m happy with where I’m at in life right now, and not foolish enough to believe it’s all me: I got lucky genes, lucky with my parents, lucky with my upbringing, and lucky not to be unlucky in the thousand ways that could have taken my life in a different direction.

Day 113: Lucky Me

It occurs to me frequently that I’m a lucky guy. And that it’s important in life to know the difference between luck and skill.

I’m not sure what brought that to mind this morning. Something while I was making coffee got stuck in my head. It’s important to know the difference between luck and skill. And while I definitely have skills, luck has also in the broadest sense been on my side. Lucky me.

This whole project, for instance. It’s predicated on a bunch of things:

  • I’m fit enough to exercise
  • My brain is in good shape; I don’t need to medicate or self-medicate
  • I have a good job and only minor financial stresses
  • That job is a regular 9-5 type thing

It’s all “normal,” but in aggregate, it’s pretty lucky. I am a lucky person to be in this shape at this point in my life.

So what am I doing with this fortunate feeling?

Not much, really, but it’s a good thing to have to keep you humble about what you’re getting done. I’m building on a solid foundation. But a lot of that foundation was laid for me. There are a lot of people who are doing a whole lot more with a whole lot less than what I have.

“Lucky me” is an exercise in mindfulness

I don’t normally get too much into mindfulness in this. Mainly because I’m not a fan of the explicit affirmation stuff. It feels really contrived to start your day by looking in the mirror and saying “you are a cosmic butterfly,” or whatnot. Just not my bag.

But an irregular ping of “you’re one lucky SOB, now what are you doing with this bag of gold you just tripped over?” is a healthy thing.

I’m relatively healthy, and getting healthier. ¬†Good job. Best wife in the world. Things are going well.

Lucky me.