Day 861: Magpie Style

My guest on the radio show yesterday, Garrett, and I, were talking about magpie life off-air a lot. Garrett, like me, has a lot of interests and a lot of fingers in many pies. Like me, he sometimes drives his spouse a bit nuts by being somebody who always has to be doing something.

I’m legitimately torn by these things. I want to do things, get them done, and do them well, but I get so bound up in the many things I could do that I spend as much time dreaming of future projects as I do getting current ones done.

Video games, too, are back on the menu — I think the earlier analogy to junk food still holds, but… I like junk food. Again, it’s a matter of being deliberate about things and always having a mental inquiry about whether I’m doing something with intention or just kind of distracting myself / filling time.

The magpie thing is hard for me. I find focus on a single project really difficult. Moving a lot of stuff forward incrementally is better for my brain, but it keeps me from really thriving in one area or another. On the other hand, stuff is so interesting that staving off boredom is always pretty easy. It’s a trade-off all around.