Day 913: Short Run, Sick Cat

Man, it’s just one thing after another these days. The cat’s not feeling it these days, so it’s a vet appointment on top of a few other things (there’s complicated sewer stuff happening with my neighbour, too).

Trying to get back on the straight and narrow; day two and good food habits yesterday but no checklist; that’s tonight. My mood is moderate; not as terrible as it has been, but still feeling foggy.

Staying the course is the key right now; nothing extravagant, just exercise every day, not eating stupid, and getting back on that checklist tonight. Work, this sewer issue, and the cat are enough to keep me busy without trying to stretch.

Day 871: Mental Bouvier (Day 9 of 100)

It was a tiny side trip off-piste, but back on track with food logging and exercise, and back on track to meet that 100-day goal.

I’ve been slipping in other areas, though — absent Netflix, I’ve been backfilling bad movies and tv shows through the kindness of friends, and despite a “some junk food is good for you” games policy, I’ve found it real easy to get back in that habit. It’s constant realignment, right? Goodbye Terraria on the PC, and while deleting the Plex server is too strong a move, I’m gonna stop second-screening TV again and try to get back to a “TV in the living room as a focused activity” position again.

Swing out, swing back, repeat — that’s the nature of it. Don’t freak out about deviations, just get back on the track. It reminds me of a dog my parents had — a huge Bouvier de Flandres. Bouviers are herding dogs, so if I went for a walk with my folks, and one of us sort of deviated from the group because we were talking or just sort of meandering, the dog would come up beside us, and nudge our flank with its huge head to get us back with the pack. That’s what I’ve got going on. A big mental Bouvier.

91 days to go!

Day 714: Updating

Technology! Our greatest friend. OUR GREATEST FOE. Slept late after going to two parties yesterday, which as a sociable introvert means I had a good time, but am now completely mentally exhausted. I’m great with people, but social stuff really tuckers me out. 

It’s going to be a quiet day today, and a lot of it, it turns out, is gonna be spent on site updates. Lots of small things that have crept in over the last while. 

Doing this kind of thing and maintaining it are often two separate items in my head, which is kind of an interesting division — I have a daily dedication to check in via the podcast, but not any dedicated time to work on the project “meta” — the site, promotion, etc. It’s the classic case of putting myself last — Gretchen Rubin Obliger here — and everything else in my life first. 

All that to say I got a lot of site updating and plugin modification to do… so I’d best get to it, on top of the regular rota of Sunday Get Things Done stuff. Onward! 

Day 689: A Good Workout

Probably the first solid workout I’ve had in two weeks today, with being sick and ramping back in after that. A solid workout is great! It’s solid!

That’s a nice way to start the day. I’ve got a training thing today and tomorrow — I’m taking a process management course for work — so I need to rocket out the door and get to work early to put out some fires before moving on to training all day, then off to volunteer stuff in the evening.

I choose to do these things! I choose them!

This is about the threshold for me, though. The exercise helps with stress for sure; I’ve been sleeping through my wife getting early so no more Back To Bed in the morning. There’s a certain crush happening right now, but once my course is done (three weeks) things will lighten up a little.


Day 569: Chuggin’

Rough night last night — poor sleep for varied reasons including heat, cats, and other things. The temptation to go back to bed was strong! But I resisted — not my best exercise ever, but exercise still happened.

It’s been a sluggish few days, but not terrible: on the four pillars of sobriety, diet, exercise and sleep, I’m batting 1000, 700, 700 and 500, I’d say. That’s the only thing I think I know about baseball.

No profound revelations today — just chuggin’ along.

Day 563: Keepin’ On

Full Focus is going okay, but I’m definitely feeling the… administrative load? I’m committed! We’re doing this thing! The 30 or so minutes a day it’s taking, though, is cutting into other things (ironically), like the evening checklist.

It’s definitely helping with, er, focus. I’m making progress with planning this podcast’s future — some of you may have heard some news via email yesterday — and the whole Big Three thing, which I’ve flirted with before, seems to be a good organizational tactic.

It’s been a meh week for diet and exercise — started off strong, got a bit floppy earlier in the week. Not terrible, and I’m recalibrating as of today, but I think the full focus has pulled me a bit into projects and a bit off life maintenance. Not a bad thing, again, but… different.

So I’m’a wrap this up and do Full Focus, but then it’s food logging and general tracking for the rest of the day. I’m happier when I do these things — it feels aggravating and inconvenient in the moment, but genuinely better in the long term.


Day 537: Loops

It’s come up quite a bit, but this all feels cyclical now. I have good days and bad days, great weeks and poor weeks, up cycles and down cycles. Keeping myself motivated for long stretches is the hardest thing… I have spurts of excellence bracketed by periodic motivational shutdowns.

Consistency is the thing. It’s the perpetual question. I can get myself on track; then I get off track, then I’m on track again. I’m not sure if less is more — try to take on less routinely and see if I can maintain that consistently, or if more is more — work hard for some sort of crest/pinnacle and strive to maintain that once I’m at the top.

In other news, I’m’a start looking into ways to enhance the podcast’s audio in the short term, and some tools to help me use a piece of mastering software called Auphonic to help. It’s a bit tricky as there’s some tagging issues with — it’s technical! We’ll see how it goes.

Day 530: Mojo Seekin’

Things are going okay! That is first. Second, though, is that my mojo is just not quite all there these days. Sleeping in a bit more, exercising a bit less… I’m doing all right on the diet and weight front, on a plateau but not gaining. Sleep’s been challenging mostly for cat related reasons — last night it was the foster playing SHARK ATTACK every time my toes moved in the night.

As stated: things are going okay. I feel like I’m in a perfectly acceptable holding pattern. The planes are stacked up. But I’m neither ascending nor descending — it’s pretty much waiting for me to get into some sort of sleep/exercise groove again.


Day 515: Good sleep!

Man! Two nights in a row that I’ve slept like a ROCK. I think good exercise has helped. To be frank, brutal insomnia earlier in the week probably helped too. I’m really happy with the sleep situation overall, though.

Other than that, keep on keepin’ on. Exercise is going okay, I’m doing the checklist, logging food… all the basics.

Day 488: Regular Rowing

Best time yet for 6k on the rower this morning; weight is on track (adjusted for last month’s setback), food is going okay. It’s been a good week!

Slept in the foster’s room last night, part of the “get him comfortable with humans around” process — it doesn’t lead to great sleep, as I’m constantly half-waking to see if he’s on his blanket or back under the bed. Plus he’s a dawn riser, so up with the birds at a bit before four, playing and eating and pooping (that’s another reason for ill sleep — I’m in a room with a litterbox, which even when clean is not the best thing in the world).

Things are on track! I’m pretty pleased. Lots of work to do on the volunteer front, which is a matter of constant chipping away and some focused sprints of effort.