Day 734: I Packed a What?

Day Two of Cat Bonkers — I slept in the guest room with the second cat last night, as we felt bad that he has to be locked away until the cats re-familiarize themselves with each other. Pets!

My wife was up at 4:30 thanks to First Cat deciding that in my absence she was a suitable target; she was, obviously, because she got up at 4:30 and decided to share that joy with me. Fed the cats with her around 5, and packed a lunch.

But it’s the weekend! I’m eating at home! Why pack a lunch?

Because I think it might help.

It’s not something I’m committing to on the regular, but I’m really enjoying salads for lunch, and I am trying my very best to adhere to the “plan it in the morning and stick to that plan”… er, plan. The best way to do that, I figure, is to actually pack my mid-day food and whip up supper before I leave for the radio show, and thereby know my food for the whole day before my day really begins.

So I guess I’d better get cooking!