Day 633: Spouse Booze Cyclin’

I don’t normally talk about my wife directly here,  but she endorsed — nay, encouraged this one. She’s just finishing a 30-day cycle of no drinking following a not-great experience, and while she’s not ready for sobriety (and it’s not for everyone!), she’s thinking about going month-to-month with it: a month of moderate drinking, then a month off, and repeat.

It seems like a good plan; as somebody that moderation just doesn’t work for, it feels like at least a better take on moderation than a floppy “I’ll just drink less” kind of approach. These things are all intensely personal: I know, for me, on/off schemes and unit schemes and whatever else doesn’t work.

But it’s about finding what does work. Experimentation is great. So this is her experiment, which I support her in, and it seems to be a great idea to cut off what used to be my big moderation problem: booze creep. I could stick to “one drink a day” for a while before it would start to slide up to more. So having a hard stop periodically to reset the creep clock seems like a brilliant idea.

There’s not much about it out there. That’s not a bad thing. If it’s a new idea, that’s all the more reason to try it.