Day 985: Listening To Workout Music While Not Working Out

Short, intense row this morning — good stuff!

KEY UPDATE: enervate actually kind of means exhausted, which is dumb because it is clearly a combination of energized and aggravated. Words are goofy!

And then I just kind of kept playing the playlist when I was done. Now I’m enervated — not energized, exactly, just kind of feeling like I’m doing everything a little faster than I need to, and feeling a little more agitated than I should.

Stop! Nice jazz. There.

It’s pretty amazing how music affects my mood. I’m not sure if it’s universal or individual; probably somewhere in the middle, and everyone is affected somewhat and some people are affected more.

Off to study/work — keeping up, feeling good.

Day 369: Workout Music

Getting a bit harder to stay on schedule… I don’t think I’m wasting tons of time, but this morning was a pretty lackluster workout, and I feel like I’m rushing the clock to get the podcast done.

Here’s the workout thing: I’m a bit sick of my own exercise music. I can’t do podcasts — I slow down and lose focus, or get into the exercise and don’t listen to the podcast. Usually in alternation, so I don’t get a good workout or the content of what I’m trying to listen to. Spotify workout mixes are… some are okay, but then there’s just some sort of “bitches in the club, yo” or “I’m emo and a nice guy why are girls such bitches” or Disturbed’s child abuse anthem, and I just (a) can’t get behind that, which knocks me right out of the mood, and (b) don’t like thinking that I’m giving misogynist/racist/douchebag artists money by listening to their drivel.

And/or playlists that get a good groove going and then go into kind of weak sauce dance-lite tracks that sound more like the first third of a Tuesday night at a second-rate dance bar than anything you want to exercise to.

“No music” is the obvious go-to, but… I hate it. I really like exercising with music. 90% of the Spotify stuff is fine, but there’s just that one song in 10 — let’s be honest, it’s more like 1/5 — that really gets my goat.

Workout music is hard, is I guess what I’m saying.

Day 242: Headhunter

First of all: Day 242! So why not have a Front 242 themed day? Enjoy Headhunter. It was this or Tragedy For You as theme, so there y’go.

So — hammering “headhunter” as a theme into this — I guess… careers? Not sure how to make this work.

Possibly my misspent youth. I mean, the whole reason that “242” sparked “Headhunter” is because of an adolescent passion for industrial dance music. I had “Tragedy for You” as a cassingle, for God’s sake. I can recite “Welcome to Paradise.” And don’t get me started on my Skinny Puppy fandom and the early days of the Internet. for life!

It’s interesting what’s changed since then. I suspect Young Me could have seen the running. I started running in high school, with no training and Chuck Taylors, but it just kind of felt right. And on and off my whole life. But vegetarianism never would have been a consideration. The idea of being in marketing would have made 17-year-old me pretty mad, I suspect.

Sobriety? Probably not that astonishing. I didn’t start drinking until later than a lot of people, which I actually kind of blame for my difficult relationship with booze.

Positivity? Definitely not. I was a bleak little gothy cynic. The idea of “realist positive” as a life outlook would have been met with a glare and a “whatever, Pollyanna” or something.

In short: I was a twerp. I suspect a lot of people that share my current goals and ambitions can look back and pick through lines to now, but also see a lot of their earlier selves that were just off about stuff.

Including industrial dance. Man, I backed the wrong horse there. If I’d just gotten into hip-hop instead, I’d be much more grounded with a lot of my listening today. I know things move in cycles, but I don’t think Chemlab is going to be making a resurgence any time soon.




Day 235: I Really Like Kesha’s “Rainbow”

I was going to say I’m not normally a fan of commercial pop, but who am I kidding? I’m not an angry teen/twentysomething any more. I’m fine with commercial pop. And over time, I’ve come to accept that popularity in a genre is actually kind of a meritocracy. Do I think industrial dance should have been more popular than it was? Sure. But within the category of industrial dance, do I think Meat Beat Manifesto is better than most unsigned, unnoticed industrial dance bands? Also sure.

All that to say that I don’t know if I readily identify as somebody who is into commercial pop, but I sure like good commercial pop when I hear it.

And 2017 will have a high bar to clear if it wants to beat Kesha’s “Rainbow” as an all-killer no-filler wall to wall great pop album.

How does that relate to this? Well, I was having a lousy row this morning until I stopped listening to a stand-up comedy album and started listening to “Rainbow” instead. So it’s good in that straight motivation way.

More importantly, though — I don’t get inspired by people that often. I’ve discussed this with my wife. Hero worship just isn’t in my DNA. But my God, to record an album like this after the decade of shit that she has gone through. Her fans are delighted. I’m delighted. And it’s all very inspiring. I think I would have cracked ages ago.

So. Kesha’s Rainbow is not only a great album, it’s a great album about getting through trauma and obstacles I’m lucky I’ve never had to even imagine.

It’s tremendously inspiring.

This is the era of Milkshake Duck, so I’m kind of half-waiting for it to be revealed that she’s also a KKK member or drowns orphans for sport or something. I hope not. It’d be nice to have a straight up admirable figure out there for a while.

Album of the year, so far. For musical reasons, and personal ones.