Day 973: September!

Oh, snap! I have Tiniest Gallery to do today…

It’s September! School starts this week, and a good time for general rebooting of the good habits I’ve piloted over the last almost-1000 days. So back on food tracking, after a late night (D&D) and considerable grogginess.

Now drinking some coffee and had some breakfast, but it’s time to get cooking! Metaphorically.

Day 609: New Month!

The first came and went almost without notice — Saturdays are a challenge, as I do the radio show, and then a volunteer thing, and by the time I’m home and napped and have done some chores the day is pretty much done.

I don’t understand how two people generate as much laundry as we do.

But yesterday was the first of the month, which means it’s time to get back on checklists and etc. Last September was the high water mark for me for fitness and weight, and since then it’s been very up and down; I’d like to recapture some of that September magic and apply a bit more stick-to-it this time around.


Day 304: New month!

Soooo yesterday was not total candy abstention. But I was reasonably good, and we gave away a lot of candy and kept no candy. Success on one and a half fronts!

November 1 means a few things. We’re reinstututing Chore Buttons (more on that another time). My wife and I are going to try 5/2 fasting together, not as a long-term thing but to kind of do a couples-reboot of our food relationship. She’s also going to be adopting a couple of my tactics to see if they work for her.

My big goal with the new month is moving from being good about logging my food to being good about sticking to the plan I make in the morning for food. Basically just… you know, doing what I say I’m going to do in the morning. There’s been a lot of “free food” stuff going on this month, which has made that a bit harder than usual. Plus: willpower! That stuff’s tough.

We’ve also turned the heat on for the winter starting today, so I need to buckle down with finances to avoid financial stress — a key problem for us, especially when the utility bills mount and we start thinking about things like Christmas and travel, gifts, and so on.

I’m optimistic for the new month, but it’s also a chunk of stuff to stay on top of.


Day 212: New month!

I like a new month. Starting this one with a bit of a summer cold, so taking it a bit easy, but the fresh starts are good. Still pretty pleased with the 18k on Sunday; due for another this Sunday. I’m starting to understand the rhythm of the half-marathon training.

Not really feelin’ it today, though. Again, summer colds are the worst. So I’m back to running tomorrow, but today is a day off; hopefully a hot shower and some goals for the day will help me feel like I’m more on track.

A new month means new starts. How can I make the most of this month’s new start? I’m wondering if I should start trying to beat records each month for staying on track. That wouldn’t be a bad idea.

So despite feeling under the weather, time to dig a bit deeper and start the new month right. I am seriously behind in weight loss, so I might take a fast day to right that ship. Tomorrow’s a light run, so no issues there.

New month, no new rules.

Again, I think the key here might be like quitting smoking. Just take runs at it until I get it right. I know I’m bored with failure, so it’s time to see what success looks like.