Day 725: Pick A Thing for 2019

Here it is: I have too many things. I have vegetable hobbies… things I do but that involve effort, aren’t always enjoyable, and lead to growth:

  • Music (learning uke/banjo/music software)
  • The radio show
  • Running training and skills sessions for podcasters
  • This blog/podcast
  • Upgrading CSS
  • The small web side hustle
  • Thinking about pursuing a Master’s degree
  • Woodworking and small woodworking projects
  • Food-making beyond sustenance
  • A long-neglected novel / other writing
  • Freelance writing

And then there are the candy hobbies — things I enjoy, but don’t have any mental strain and frankly probably don’t make me a better person:

  • Video games
  • Comic books
  • Crap movies (or even good movies)
  • Non-educational reading
  • Dumb internet browsing

Clearly, this is too many things. Equally clearly, I’m going to have to choose a couple of them. This is one thing the Full Focus planner was good for — making me choose a few key goals for a quarter to chase after, and letting me, er, focus.

So I gotta pick some.

For the new year.

Time to talk to my friends and spouse!

Day 365: 2018 is 2017 2.0

All right! New year. A bit of a sleep in, some exercise, then a full day of board games with friends. Here’s the deal:

2018 is basically “2017, but a bit better.” No massive resolutions. No giant shifts. A swing towards making our own food, but mainly there’s one goal:

look at the good things we did in 2017 and do them more regularly.

This includes the morning exercise and the nightly checklists. Deleting Netflix off the devices (which I did already). Making time for fun, but scheduling it a bit so it’s fun with intent and not just mental space-filling.

Log food at the beginning of the day and stick to it.

Weigh myself daily.

Work the side hustle and schedule time for it.

Make the most of my volunteer responsibilities and schedule time for them.

Basically, it’s “schedule the things” and “stick to the schedule,” with lots of “be sure to schedule breaks and open periods and flex time.” Don’t try to kill myself with the regimented life, but have an idea of what I’m doing and do things with a little more intention.

To that end, I’m scheduling myself a few days in advance in Google Calendar. I think that’s going to be key.

In essence, it’s just work the stuff that works. No new things (other than trying to make our own food as much as possible). Just refining the existing things. In some cases, letting some volunteer responsibilities go once I’ve put the work into a system that lets me hand them off.

I feel like it’s going to be a good year. 2017 was getting sobriety on lock; 2018 is going to be a year of chipping away at all the other stuff. I don’t think it’s going to be a perfect year, but it’s definitely going to move me forward.


Day 364: New Year’s Eve

It’s the last day of the year, and the last day of my first year of sobriety. Also the last day of an extended period of kind of taking it easy… tomorrow it’s a new year, with resolutions and all that.

My wife was recently reading and telling me that there aren’t successful resolutions, there are successful plans. Which makes a lot of sense.

But I’m also coming up more or less snake-eyes on new stuff. 2018 for me will be a year of continuing to work on things that got rolling in 2017:

  • Maintaining sobriety
  • Doing well at diet and exercise
  • Working the side hustle
  • Living up to volunteer responsibilities, but divesting where I can

The big new thing is my wife and I are going to strive to not buy prepared food in 2018. It’s a planning/cooking responsibility we’re taking on.

So the boundaries are basically “things with more than a couple of natural ingredients.” Canned tomatoes, pure peanut peanut butter, that kind of thing is cool. But we already make our own bread, we can make our own hummus and nut butters and stuff. We already do about 80% of it. When we buy prepared stuff, it’s almost always because it’s crap to snack on. So why not?

The one big thing is going to be a pasta maker, which I’ve kind of wanted for a while anyway.

So 2018 is going to be 2017 2.0, essentially. Added challenge of making our own food and (for January) going sugar-free.

And we’re off for another year! We’ll be revamping this podcast in a bit as well. Stay tuned.