Day 395: Small Obsessions

I just was not having it with exercise today, which is a luxury that ends tomorrow with the February Sprint. I got up early regardless, and used the time to do some long-standing chores: framing some things, making soy milk, and reorganizing some media files.

MP3 organization and tagging has become a Thing for me recently. Well, not recently. It’s a Thing of long standing. I don’t know why I care so much about it, but there’s a deep satisfaction in a well-organized media library. And a deep annoyance when things aren’t well organized.

It’s definitely a flaw, and I suspect most people have their Thing (or multiple ones). I’m not that keyed up about almost any other element of things. But man, I want my MP3s tagged and album art sorted and everything in the right folder and the right subfolder.

Why this? What put this bug in my brain? No clue. But it’s a relatively harmless little obsession, and has some good results at the end of the day (obsessively well organized music isn’t a problem).

Tomorrow: February Sprint! I’m actually pretty excited about this. I have a Big Night Out tonight with my wife, which is a nice set-up to a good month of real progress. Stay tuned…