Day 887: 25% and feeling fine

25% into the 100-day challenge! Not the fastest run today, but I was reading some threads on running wisdom on Reddit and the most common theme was “not every day is a race.” So there. Also, I saw a very handsome fox.

I feel… good. Hopefully not jinxing myself by saying that, but after two false starts (including the first 10 days of this start), I think I’m really in the groove with the one day at a time, Magic Bag, exercise every day but Sunday approach. Probably the fact that it’s actually light out in the morning has something to do with it to.

I feel good, though! I’m still dropping what I think of as the “easy weight;” four or five pounds when I get in the groove is pretty normal. It’s the next 75 days that are going to be the hill to climb, and the important thing there is not to think of it as 75 days. It’s one day at a time. It’s not a matter of saying “oh my God, I have to be great for another two and a half months,” it’s just focusing on the next 12 hours. Can I exercise today? I can. Can I go just today without eating anything outside the Magic Bag? I can.

We’re coming up on the weekend, and a big challenge: the road trip. We’re going to be in uncharted waters Saturday afternoon and evening, so I’m prepping by looking at restaurants where we plan to be on the Internet with the intent of filling the Magic Bag on Saturday morning with what I intend to eat Saturday evening.

It’s been a fast 25 days!

Day 886: Continue to Not Negotiate with the Food Table (Day 24 of 100)

Almost a quarter through the hundred days and I feel like I’m really on track. The first 10% of this was a bit of a muddle, but I’m in the groove and a quarter done! Woo!

Today brings… another food table. Another event! But yesterday went really well, in that I just packed a lunch and a snack, ate my own food, and didn’t even begin food table negotiations. Today’s just a repeat, so easier than yesterday, I’ll expect.

(shouldn’t get cocky, though).

It is good to feel like I’m in the groove here. 25% in. One day at a time!

Day 883: Computerrrrrs (Day 21 of 100)

Yesterday was a wash; the Ubuntu install on the Plex server went down with an initramfs error, and I spent over five hours bashing away at it (with some very nice folks at Ask Ubuntu helping me out); I’ve put so much work into the Plex database that I want to exhaust every option before reinstalling Ubuntu.

Not much of a “so what” to that except that NOT SNACKING IS HARD, GUYS. Maybe just for me, but the number of times I was bored/frustrated with the process and my mind wandered down to the kitchen was insane. It really is, for me, a booze-level addiction. The magic bag works wonders, but at the end of it, it really is a “one day at a time” thought process where I do have to sometimes literally white-knuckle through that urge to just eat something and fire those happy receptors in my brain.

You’d think I’d weigh 400 pounds or something; it’s almost equally interesting that this isn’t monster “eat two pizzas” urges, but the urge to just lightly graze constantly that has got me in the state I’m in now. Which isn’t, like, horrible, by North American standards, but still not where I’d like to be.

10k in 58:18 this morning, which is pretty damn good for me. Weight loss stalled, but whatever, this isn’t about burning pounds urgently, it’s about mastering the fitness and diet portions of things.

Day 881: Managing overtraining (Day 19 of 100)

Yesterday’s run was brutal, and I spent the rest of the day feeling my heart — I haven’t worn a heart rate thinger in about two years (no use for ’em, in the end), but I recognize overtraining. Going up a flight of stairs at work got me sweaty.

So today was good exercise, but about being slow, deliberate, and paying a lot of attention to form on the rowing machine. I wound up sweaty anyway — it turns out control takes effort, just different effort than hard aerobics.

The Magic Bag will be put to the test this weekend as my wife’s working shifts; I do well when there’s somebody else in the house, not in a direct policing way, but it just sort of ambiently helps, somehow. One day at a time! Off for radio soon, then a day of various chores; then on my own to maintain good behaviour for the evening.

Day 880: Run Like Hell (Day 18 of 100)

Oh, man. “Run 5k in one direction and then run back” was definitely the winning strategy today, because left to my own devices I would have packed it in at seven. 3000 metres of torture today; leaden legs, heart thudding, just no mojo at all. But when you have to get home one way or the other, walking 3k is so much slower than running that you might as well run. Well, jog. Well, shuffle.

Tomorrow will wrap up my first Week Of Really Serious Exercise in a long time, when every day has been about putting in best effort rather than kind of just doing things. This is my third 10k in five days, and with tomorrow’s row I’ll have earned a Sunday of rest for sure.

I’m kind of enjoying the one day at a time idea, and it’s interesting now to search this blog to see if I’ve tried it before and forgotten that I did it. I sort of have. It’s weird how much of this only ever lives in my short-term memory and then gets erased.