Day 118: Checklist Attrition

I’m still lovin’ on the checklist, but it’s starting to get a bit… fuzzy around the edges. Checklist attrition is happening. Strangely, I thought the 10-15 minutes of uke practice would be the first thing to go. But it’s the stretching.

I’ve mentioned that I’m not a big fan of stretching, right?

So yeah — I’m doing it every night, but the last couple of nights I’ve started doing it without the checklist. To the untrained eye this might look like “good, he’s internalizing it.” I, who know better, recognize this as me gettin’ sloppy.

Things I’m solid on:

  • Ukulele practice! Which is weird. I thought it would be the one I’d drift off on the soonest.
  • Planking. Again, I thought I might back off on this, but it’s a kind of easy one to knock off and while it hurts, I’m enjoying the progression.
  • Flossing/brushing. Kind of a no-brainer.

Things I’m okay on:

  • Food logging. I’m doing it, but it’s still out of flow for me to log into LoseIt and actually type it all in. Embarrassing on Bad Snack Days, too.
  • House tours: my wife will say “I’ve turned the lights off, etc.” and I’ll just take her word for it. Which I totally should, but then again, I should also do the tour myself because… checklist.
  • Checking out. It’s being done, but after all the other stuff, I kind of feel “checked out” already.

Things I’m slipping on — hardcore checklist attrition:

  • Stretching. I think because I don’t have a set of stretches, I’m just kind of making up “stretching” every night. I’m going to open a new browser tab and type “five minute stretching routine” and print something off to follow for the next week.

Checklist attrition and morning compliance

The whole point of the checklist is readiness for sleep in a lot of ways. I think that’s all good; I question whether the planking gets my body too revved up just before bedtime, but I think it’s okay.

But the stretching. That’s something I gotta work on.