Day 877: Pictures! (Day 15 of 100)

This is not something I’m going to be transparent about, but I’ve been thinking that pictures might be a good motivator, so I’ve enlisted my wife’s help in taking front-and-side photos that I’ll update… probably weekly? to see whether there’s a visible difference in what’s going on. This is inspired in part by the Progress Pics subReddit, which seems to be healthy and supportive, not like crazy body dysmorphic or anything. Also very supportive of trans posters, which is nice.

It’s actually a pretty inspiring place to be for a bit, especially when I discovered I can search for stories of people in my height range. Reading some stories really does underscore the need for consistency and treating this as a lifestyle change, not as a project that will stop some day. Plus it gets my competitive / “kill the bear!” side going.

Right now, I’m adopting the AA “One Day At A Time” approach starting today. I have been freaking myself out a little with the “never snack again” mentality, which then turns into “snack today and you can never snack again tomorrow!”. So I’m trying to shift my headspace to one day at a time — it worked for drinking, and it can work for this.

Day 446: Halfway there

If I take my highest weight since this project started, and my goal weight, I hit the exact midpoint today.

This is good! I haven’t been this light since… last September. I’m about eight pounds lighter than I was at this time last year.

That’s a good feeling.

This is also when the wheels fall off, traditionally speaking.

Last time around wasn’t my fault — okay, it was my fault. Ultimately it’s ALWAYS my fault. I can’t say it wasn’t. But the last time I was at this point, my wife’s dad died, and we spent about six weeks travelling, mourning, handling things, managing a tough financial situation ourselves exacerbated by the sudden need to travel… it was a rough bit. We powered through, but it threw me severely off track.

Right now, knock on wood, there’s nothing like that on the horizon.

That being said, I feel like this is a good moment for a surge. Play it really tight for a couple of weeks, see if I can drop down another few pounds and get a buffer going.

This was a big part of the February Sprint that I started strong with but kind of forgot. I need to be okay with being uncomfortable. Being slightly hungry is not the worst thing in the world. Living in that space is okay. That’s what I need to do — not starve myself, by any means, but not feel like the slightest itch of hunger needs to be scratched.


Day 179: July 1 Reboot

All right — it’s been busy. I’m getting over the conference organizing thing (a little PTSD there, maybe). Still pretty busy with the building stuff around the house, the second radio show/podcast, and volunteer stuff. So it’s a July 1 reboot for the whole enchilada, as far as exercise/diet goes. I’ve been coasting for two weeks.

Last time I played the grim determination card, I did a 180 literally 24 hours later and just took a break. But I think these circumstances are different. Two weeks ago, I was in the throes of Peak Busy at work, and now that’s stabilizing. I’m working on something right now independent of work, but that’s a steady task.

So I think I’m ready to levelly set this up. I’m in a pretty good space.

Over time — almost 180 days! — I’m finding that this is largely a story of getting going, getting sidetracked, and getting back on track. I should chart this, or something.



Day Seventy-Three: Results! The plan is working.

I don’t want to get a swelled head, here, but I believe I’m actually improving. I’m getting results.

Today I tried something I hadn’t done in a while — my push-up circuit, which is 10 push-ups, 10 sit-ups, 10 leg lifts and 30 seconds of planking, in a row, rest for 45 seconds, repeat the circuit five times.

It’s been a month or so since I’ve done it; lots of FitStar and other things in the interim.

It was… not bad! Not easy by any means, but I wasn’t a weeping mess by the end of it, which is a nice change from previous attempts.

Results mean more results

I’m not setting out to be a triathlete or win the WORLD’S FITTEST MAN competition here. So it’s pleasing to see that things that were hard, are now less hard. But this is where I also have to be careful not to get too enthusiastic. Because that leads to overcommitment, which leads to injury. And then time recovering, and losing ground, and etcetera.

After a couple of days of being sick and low-energy, though, I needed a shot in the arm to encourage me. This was it. Zipping through the circuits this morning was my first “THINGS ARE HAPPENING ” moment in a while. It’s quite galvanizing.

So without pushing myself too hard, I’m motivated to at least maintain. Maybe kick things up HALF a notch. Running is back out this week — blizzard yesterday, and our sidewalks aren’t safe after it snows. But I’m definitely motivated to keep going with FitStar.

I feel good! Sinusy and headachey, but good. Motivated. It’s nice.