Day 938: Sewin’ Sunday

Heading out in a few minutes to get some coin rolling papers — we’re doing the three-year dump of coins, to help defray the upcoming cost of a family visit — and print out a shirt pattern my wife bought me, so I can start sewing my own “summer shirts.”

Why pay others for garish weird short-sleeves when I can garish my own weird short-sleeves?

There’s an interesting space for “fun projects” in my head; it’s hard to separate work and projects. Playing video games is a fun thing, for instance. Reading a book is relaxing. But sewing, renovation stuff, building furniture… it’s not fun in the way that a video game is fun, but it’s still a leisure time pursuit and should be fun? I think?

I certainly like the end results, so that must make the middle parts worthwhile. Does a fun result mean the pathway was also fun? Or is sewing “leisure work” with a fun outcome?



Computer problems resolved, after a late night wrestling with components and some help from a friend. With a new power supply and new graphics card humming away, I think I’m back in business, computerwise, and it feels nice.

First order of business today is to figure out my next five days: it’s vacation, baby! My wife also has some time off, and we’re probably gonna tourist it up a little, but I need to pick something that makes me feel like this vacation was a good use of time and not just random-ass gaming…

  • Learn how to use my little MIDI keyboard and sample packs to actually make music
  • Make another piece of furniture
  • Get on top of and ahead of the online course I’m taking
  • Bear down hard on this radio station volunteer course

All options. Plus, get back on exercise! It’s been a bad few weeks for that. This time last year I was way more on top of being in shape; work madness and volunteer business have kept that from being a priority.


Day 505: Yard Work Day

Lots of junk food yesterday! A good holiday Sunday. Today, projects continue — first working on a tofu press, and also yardwork.

I always resent yardwork. It just… comes back. It’s not fair. If there were some sort of permanent yard solution, I’d take it.

But there isn’t, and so: yardwork. I’m going to tackle that early, while it’s relatively cool out. Yesterday involves some Surprise Canoeing, which was so nice I might see if there’s a bit of time to do some more today.

Generally today is yardwork and projects… and no junk food. I have a junk food hangover.

Day 504: Project Weekend

Time to organize my… time. It’s 6 a.m. on a Saturday, and yesterday kind of got away from us, due to bad sleep, a nap, work obligations, and kind of a fruitless errand that wound up being not so useful.

As mentioned the other day, there’s the List Of A Dozen Things to tend to. Some of them are pretty simple/silly, some are more elaborate. Some are physical, a couple are virtual. But they all… well, don’t NEED doing, but could USE doing. It’ll also be super motivational to get them done.

Breaking down the day and getting a bunch of crap done will be very rewarding. And that’s what’s going to happen! I’m’a make an hour by hour plan for the day, include lots of hanging out time with some friends, and GET TO IT.

That’s all there is to it, really. Just plan the day, stick to the plan. And… go!

Day 503: Project Weekend

Projects this weekend; vacation is technically on, but we’re in for a rainy day, so.

My wife and I accrue projects. I made a list last weekend, and there’s a dozen things we’ve bought materials and gotten supplies for and just… haven’t done. These range from two-hour things to multi-day things. But there’s a lot of ’em.

Operation Project starts this weekend; I’m going to try to knock out a couple of things over the weekend, then carry on with a lot of gardening-related stuff through the week.