Day 912: I know I said I wouldn’t reboot but…

Well, I’m rebooting. There’s only 88 days until 1000, but I’m kind of into restarting this. I’ve had a kidney stone, some sort of depressive episode (diagnosis uncertain, still), and I’m granting myself the do-over.

Exercise this morning — 25 minutes of spin, ’cause it’s raining out — and back on logging 100 days. My wife’s starting a sugar-free July, and I’m there with her, and the doctor did prescribe the exercise.

Still feeling flat, to be honest, but hopefully the exercise will kick in, endorphins, etc.

Day 870: Post Long Weekend Logey (Day 8 of 100)

Two days of family visiting and a moving day have thrown me a bit catawonky, but that’s to be expected — back on track today, feeling a bit off (lots of exercise and quite a bit of sun). I expect I’ll be 100% by tomorrow morning and running again.

I… do not miss moving. My friends are still at the “two-bedroom apartment” stage of their lives, which is an amount of stuff I vaguely aspire to myself at this point. My wife and I, despite her best efforts and probably due to my lack of effort, accumulate.

All that to say that I’m not in top form today, but I’m logging, and mindful, after a few days of weird scheduling and consequential bad food habits.

Day 863: Embarrassing Reboot

…let’s try this 100-day challenge again, shall we?

It’s been a rough start; not for any specific reason, but it’s just been a weak-sauce beginning. I’m giving myself a mulligan, and kicking it off again today; I’ve reset the spreadsheet and will be cracking away at it with an end date of Thursday, August 22, 2019.

Why the reset?

A chunk of it is a casual remark from my friend Adam, who mentioned that working out hard makes a big difference in his day, and to be honest, I’ve been phoning it in recently. So this morning was a 4 a.m. up, but I put 100% into rowing, and damned if I didn’t get off that thing tapped out but also feeling like it was a brand new day.

So it’s a brand new day! I’m going to get some sleep as it was a 4 a.m. start, and then this is Day 1 of 100. For reals this time.

Day 821: The “yo” in “yo-yo”

Ahhh, I knew that the break that kind of spanned the back half of March would be bad on the scales, and I’m back on the scales and no surprises, it’s not great. In the interim I ate a lot of cheese, which was fun.

But — as they say — fall down seven times, get up eight. I think I’m at “fall down thirty-four times” or something at this point, but I keep getting up! And each time the streaks run a little longer and the gains are a little more substantial. I’m cracking the formula, it’s just taking longer than I thought.

My longest streak of 2019 is 31 days of logging; I can top that. Starting today. No big distractions like birthdays or anniversaries or vacations coming up either; I think I’m looking at a nice long ramp of no ‘interruptions’ to put myself on solid footing to break that 31-day streak. I’m running again; I’m committing to simplifying my life. I can do it!

Day 764: Three days, two weeks.

Three days off! THREE DAYS! And I’m back to where I was two weeks ago. It’s astounding how fast backsliding goes.

Lesson learned, and unlike previous breaks, my determination is pretty solid to get back on that horse and make that ground back up again. My food is prepped for the day, my water jug is full, I’ve done some exercise. Let’s get back there and beyond!

The trend for January was great. Not replicable as it was based on a lot of early “easy” weight, but I can totally do that again. April is still viable, I just need to not take these breaks, and not listen to the little voice that enables them.

A little time reflecting on goals this morning will help too; I’m going to pull that Perfect Me sheet and take another look at it, and at some of those little phrases that help get me geared up.

Day 625: Regular Work Days Dammit

All right! Exercise and food logging. A tetch of bad sleep last night, but what can y’do: I got up early, exercised, packed my lunch, and get this — I’m’a try to nap BEFORE WORK. Weird, I know. But I’ve worked out and packed lunch and logged food, so I’m good to go for the day.

And after an 11-hour day at work yesterday, I am DAMN SKIPPY leaving on time today. Self-care, baby! I’ve put two crazy weeks in, and I need some normalcy if I’m not going to completely fry myself.

Day 540: Abrupt Attitude Adjustment

I don’t know where this came from, but I’m not looking a gift horse in the mouth. Last night my wife and I went out for our fourth anniversary of moving to our city. Came home, watched a bit of TV, then dinner made itself known and I had quite an exciting evening. Slept all night, got up, exorcised some final demons, went for an 8k run. Stretched the 8k to a 10k. Got in and suddenly I’m like it’s all good.

Maybe this is, I don’t know, bowel-related. Maybe two straight days of givin’er with exercise have done something. But I feel good today. I may have just run out the clock on feeling blah.

So yes. Time to roll into the day and maximize this good feeling. Do All The Things. I may well be back here tomorrow saying bwah everything is terrible but make hay while the sun shines, which is an expression that nobody who has actually gone haying would actually use. Make hay while it’s overcast. It’s a brutally hard job in the sun. All machines now anyway.


Day 394: February Sprint

Picking up from yesterday, I’m quite fond of the idea of a “February Sprint.” It’s exactly four weeks, which is fun, and a short month, which is good.

I’ve been trying various “kickstarts” for a while, which seem like good ideas, but they’re ultimately a bit lazy, right? Looking for a “magic formula” to get me engaged and motivated when the secret really is just doing the work. Eat less, exercise, repeat. The dull necessary bit.

That being said, it’s also fun to mess around with the motivational stuff.

So “February Sprint” isn’t really a ‘kickstart’ or anything. It’s just another lens for the boring, daily things, but also a way to keep focus on maintaining or re-establishing some good habits by giving myself a good-habit goal to aim for. I’ve tried this with “100 day” projects before, but found the days too abstract in some ways. The February thing seems a bit more concrete.

Anyway — still staying pretty good in the ramp up. Exercise hasn’t been stellar for the last few days; to be honest, I’ve been kind of phoning it in. But I’m still getting some in, still logging and tracking, etc. On to February!


Day 393: Construction

Short one today — short exercise, too. I’ve been working on a minor improvement to a kitchen island I built over the summer, and finished it off this morning. Bear in mind this is not superb work, but a stopgap until we get money together to reno the kitchen. Eventually.

Kind of a controlled fail, after a long weekend of controlled fails — last night should have been a movie night and back on track, but serial interruptions pushed the movie late, and blah blah blah.

So I’m definitely showing failure on the tracker, and today’s the day to get back on track. Meditation, checklist, etc. I’ve been checking out a “90-day improvement” thing recently, and I like the idea of “sprints,” which I might try for February.

Right now, though, just going to finish January strong…


Day 179: July 1 Reboot

All right — it’s been busy. I’m getting over the conference organizing thing (a little PTSD there, maybe). Still pretty busy with the building stuff around the house, the second radio show/podcast, and volunteer stuff. So it’s a July 1 reboot for the whole enchilada, as far as exercise/diet goes. I’ve been coasting for two weeks.

Last time I played the grim determination card, I did a 180 literally 24 hours later and just took a break. But I think these circumstances are different. Two weeks ago, I was in the throes of Peak Busy at work, and now that’s stabilizing. I’m working on something right now independent of work, but that’s a steady task.

So I think I’m ready to levelly set this up. I’m in a pretty good space.

Over time — almost 180 days! — I’m finding that this is largely a story of getting going, getting sidetracked, and getting back on track. I should chart this, or something.