Day 314: Staycation In Review

As always, mixed feelings about stay-at-home vacation time. I feel pretty good about having gotten a lot done for the side hustle. I feel nervous about following through on the side hustle. I think I’m moving towards something achievable and possible, but I really don’t know what territory I’m sliding into here. Which is… good? I guess. New things are thrilling.

It has not been good for exercise and weighing the last few days. Very weirdly low-energy, with the “vacation!” narrative generating bad motivational static. So, as stated, RED FLAGS ARE FLYING and I need to course correct.

Step one on that front: talk to my wife! If I’m sliding, I need to sound out why I’m sliding with somebody in person. It’s helpful. And while I find it difficult to be reminded to do things I’m supposed to do, it is helpful.

On the whole, it’s been a good and productive week where I’ve learned a bit of programming, impressed myself a few times with my skills, and gotten closer to, if not financial independence, at least an interesting secondary revenue stream.

A good week? Probably? My life seems to be a constant waltz between soaring optimism and crippling self-doubt. Who’s leading depends on the dance. So it’s hard for me to have clear perspective on what I’ve accomplished… it feels like a lot through one eye, but when I squint, it seems like it might just be another in a long litany of started-and-abandoned projects.

I’d say “time will tell,” but right now, “effort will tell” is probably the better phrase. I have to keep putting some grit into this or I’ll never know if it actually got a shot.