Day 911: Deck Refining Holiday

Deck-modifications went well yesterday with the minimum number of disasters, but there are a few last things that need doing — putting a wheel on a door, mounting the Fancy Umbrella — that will require a trip to the hardware store today. Once that’s done, though, the major chore for the holiday weekend will be over! Looking forward to that.

I feel like it’s time to get back on top of things. Not necessarily at 100%, as the Grand Funk is still at least partially with me, but I need to take that exercise prescription seriously and try to get back on the train.

Feeling good about that deck, though. It’s a nice piece of work. I’m happy about it.

Day 909: Deck-Building Weekend

We’re not building a deck, just making modifications to the current one, but it’s still A Project, and will boost my spirits (ideally) to get something practical done at the end of the weekend that I can look back on and say “hey, we did a thing!”.

I’m still prioritizing sleep over exercise, which I actually know at this point is counter-productive for the Grand Funk. Working outside today will be exercise, though, of a sort, and I don’t want to tucker myself out if I’m going to be spending most of my post-radio day mounting fences.